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Friday, July 16, 2010

What Makes A Great Voiceover Talent – Not Just A Great Voice

“Saying a great voice talent need only a great voice is like saying a great batter need only a great bat”.

I’ve often heard it said that to be a great voiceover artist, one needs only a terrific voice. While having a great voice is certainly important, taken in isolation it is completely meaningless. Saying a great voiceover artist needs only a great voice is like saying a great batter needs only a great bat. Of course, it takes far more than a great bat to knock balls out of the park. It takes awesome power, timing, control, breathing, and eye-hand coordination among other attributes. Voiceover is not much different. First and foremost, according to Los Angeles-based voice coach Rodney Saulsberry, it takes a great ability to interpret copy along with excellent ear-voice coordination – an ability to listen to direction from outside the booth and then make changes, often subtle, in inflection, pauses, speed, microphone orientation, stance, and more. A great voiceover talent has a great voice but also can nail just the right interpretation of the copy to satisfy the client. A great voice talent becomes a “human mixing station” in the studio, according to Nancy Wolfson, a Los Angeles-based voice coach, and former Playboy casting director. Someone who can belt out the most mellifluously-pleasing words is of no value if he cannot take direction and quickly respond with desired stylistic adjustments. A great voiceover artist must be able to listen intently to those outside the booth for navigation and then set the vocal compass for the client’s desired destination. Not to minimize the value of having a great voice. It’s certainly a plus as voice acting goes, but a great voiceover artist must have a great ear for listening and the flexibility and range to adjust.


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