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Monday, December 11, 2023

"Resilient Creativity: Navigating and Elevating the Philippine Creative Economy"

As Pocholo Gonzales, a known voice artist and advocate for the Philippine creative industry, my perspective on the creative economy in the Philippines is rooted in both passion and practicality.

The creative economy in our country is an untapped reservoir of potential. It's a vibrant amalgamation of various sectors, all driven by the power of creativity and innovation. The COVID-19 pandemic may have struck us hard, especially in areas like hospitality, travel, and our own creative sectors, but it's within these challenges that we also find the seeds of growth and opportunity.

The creative economy is all about industries that stem from individual creativity and talent—these are the wellsprings that can lead to economic development through the generation of intellectual property. In the Philippines, our creative industries include the likes of advertising, film, animation, and many more.

Despite the challenges, Filipinos are inherently creative. We are global performers, celebrated designers, and noted craftspeople. Yet, there is always room for improvement. We must strive to harness the potential of our creative industries, elevate our international standing, and reshape our image on the world stage.

However, it's also critical to acknowledge the weaknesses within our creative economy. There's a general lack of awareness and appreciation for the creative sectors. Compounding this issue are various restrictions that limit the practice of foreign professionals in our country, affecting industries like architecture and interior design.

To bolster our creative economy, we must take a multi-faceted approach. This includes sector mapping to better understand our landscape, financial support for small businesses, and a push towards digitization to adapt to the global shift in content distribution.

The Creative Industries Development Act, which was drafted in September 2021, is a significant step towards realizing the vision of the Philippines becoming the leading creative economy in ASEAN by 2030. This act is designed to build a comprehensive strategy to nurture and promote our creative industries.

The pandemic has undoubtedly put a strain on our creative economy, especially affecting the freelance community. But with every crisis comes an opportunity—in this case, to accelerate digitalization, which can lead to a resurgence in the creative sector.

Looking forward, the Creative Economy Council of the Philippines (CECP) plays an essential role as a collective force aimed at boosting the creative economy. Through initiatives like market development and public policy influence, CECP is determined to position the Philippines as a significant player in the global creative market.

As for creative careers, the landscape is still ripe with opportunities. From video editing to UX design, there's a myriad of roles that are essential in today's digital-first world. It's a thrilling time to embark on a creative career in the Philippines, and I encourage everyone to explore these paths with passion and persistence.

In closing, the creative economy is not just a sector; it's a movement. And as we move forward, we must support our local talents, embrace innovation, and remain steadfast in our pursuit to elevate the Philippines' creative industry to new heights.

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