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Voice Care


Imagine the world without VOICE.
How would stories be told or songs be sung? How would teachers teach or preachers preach? How would fans cheer for their favorite band or sports team?
Voice is the most powerful and miraculous human instrument. Not only is it the most effective and efficient way to communicate, but it also has the potential to convey a person’s mood, emotional state, credibility, sincerity and hidden meaning of the words being spoken.
The power of the voice is something that Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales recognizes, having been a steward of the voice for 20 years. In fact, he has elevated the principle of voice acting not only by teaching the art to aspiring voice artists, but also by teaching professional voice users – those whose occupations rely heavily on voice – how to use voice acting techniques to succeed in their profession. In 2013, he created a training program called “Voice Acting for Effective Teaching.” While it gained a lot of positive feedback, it also raised the question, “This is great, but how can I use it if my bigger problem is if I even have a voice to teach class the next day?”
The question propelled the VoiceMaster to found Voice Care Philippines, and developed training programs to equip professional voice users with knowledge and tools to save their voice and save their career. He started this advocacy with the Voice Care for Teachers workshop, which is a 2-day workshop that teach teachers vocal health and voice acting skills for 21st century learning. Voice Care for Teachers aims to:
  • Educate the teachers about the science of the voice, its common illnesses/sickness, and how to take steps to care for their voice and minimize the risk of voice problems
  • Provide teachers with strategies to make classroom learning more relevant, engaging and meaningful for the 21st century students through the use of storytelling, voice acting and kinesthetic activities
Since 2013, the VoiceMaster has been traveling all over the country teaching this valuable knowledge to teachers. He has also written the teachings of the workshop in his very first book, “Voice Care for Teachers,” which is also being recognized and supported by some famous personalities. Together with his training team, Pocholo is developing more voice care programs such as Voice Care for Call Center Agents and Pitch Perfect: Voice Care for Sales and Marketing Professionals.
Visit http://www.voicecarephilippines.com/ to learn more.

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