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Corporate Training and Workshops

At the heart of every successful organization are good communication practices. Researches done by Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes Magazine and World Economic Forum all list COMMUNICATION as the number one skill needed to succeed as a professional in the 21st century.
The 21st century workplace has global employees, 24/7 operations and flexible hours. Today’s companies are multi-platform, multi-racial and multi-faceted. It used to be that e-mail is the only technology that allows people within organizations to remotely communicate with each other. Now, there’s instant messaging, file sharing, project management tools, among many others. While these communication channels make it easy to work cross-border, it also presents some problems in getting messages across.
According to a survey conducted by HR Magazine:
  • 46% of employees report receiving confusing and unclear instructions…
  • And 36% says it happens 3 times a day on average!
  • An estimated 40 minutes of productivity each day is lost on employees trying to decipher these unclear instructions
Barriers in communication result to greater potential for injury and poor customer service, increase in absenteeism and attrition, and decreased productivity and job satisfaction. That is why in our high-tech world, people still crave for high-TOUCH communication – they end up picking up the phone or walking over to a colleague in order to talk.
Bottom line, just like sales and customer service, communicating with INTERNAL CUSTOMERS – boss, peers, direct reports, and even people working in other business units or departments – is vital to creating a cohesive and unified organization.
With Pocholo’s extensive experience in the field of voice and communication thanks to all the Corporate Communications Training Courses he has taken, he has become one of the most sought-after trainers to help improve communication within organizations. Pocholo offers the following programs which, depending on your organization’s needs, can be tailor-fit to be anywhere from a one-hour motivational talk to a whole-day seminar-workshop.

This program will give you a better understanding of how to communicate, motivate, coach and develop your team members based on their generational orientation. Learn the different mindset and behaviors of the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials in the workplace, so you know how to better deal with them to enhance their performance, communicate goals and objectives, and eliminate office politics.

Conflict… it is part of the dynamics of every organization. In fact, it is vital to an organization where everyone works their best to achieve common goals. Conflict mostly happens when there is a behavioral gap – when your subordinate, peer, or even your boss said or did something different from what was expected.
Conflict is unhealthy ONLY if left unresolved. This program aims to teach organizations strategies on handling conflict. How do you confront a broken promise, a failed commitment or a disappointment towards your colleague? How do you hold your staff accountable for a result that was not delivered? How do you deliver negative feedback to your boss? This program will not only answer those questions but will also give you the tools and strategies to do so.

Writing performance appraisals is relatively easy, especially if you compare it to the moment when you have to DISCUSS it to your staff. As a manager, you are not only expected to coach your staff when they are up for a performance review. Coaching is something you are expected to do on a regular basis. The problem is, most managers do not have the time or the knowledge on how to do it effectively.
This program teaches managers, tenured and new, the principles and strategies to effective coaching. Learn how to ask powerful coaching questions, how to handle employee resistance and how to coach outliers in the team.

Meetings are a great opportunity to brainstorm, plan and strategize as a team. However, 90% of meetings end up being unproductive because they are not well planned or executed. This program aims to teach participants how to prepare, conduct and follow-through meetings in an efficient and effective way. The training also includes practice sessions to simulate and apply the principles and strategies taught in the program. Participants will come out of the training with the knowledge and tools to conduct shorter but more productive meetings.
This training program also includes strategies for conducting effective virtual meetings and teleconferences.

Did you know that public speaking remains to be the number one fear of human beings… with death coming second?! Speaking in front of an audience does not have to be as daunting if you know how to deal with it. In this program, participants shall gain an understanding of where anxiety in public speaking comes from, so they can learn how to overcome it. You will also learn of a “template” to be more mentally prepared to give a speech, even the spontaneous ones.
The training also teaches the proper use of voice to deliver a powerful speech, as well as strategies to establish credibility, and how to deal with stage fright and unexpected audience reaction.

This teambuilding-type of training is filled with several activities that aim to build trust by encouraging open communication, healthy conflict, and respect for diversity within a team/organization. You will learn strategies and facilitation techniques for building great teams and creating successful team dynamics. You will develop skills that enhance communication and trust, and align team members around shared goals so they can effectively plan, communicate, execute, and deliver.
Designed for managers and team leaders, this program will teach you how to cultivate maximum team productivity by understanding how to navigate the stages of team development and address team challenges. It includes team leadership techniques for local and virtual teams.
Other Topics for Keynote, Commencement Speeches, and Motivational Talks:
  1. Purpose-Driven Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do
At the end of the day, life is all about being happy knowing that you have made other people better and happy. In this talk, the VoiceMaster shares his principles for success and how to motivate yourself towards greatness and excellence.
  1. Personal Branding 
As a Personal Branding expert, Pocholo shares the tools and strategies on how to establish credibility and authority in your respective field by building a strong online and offline presence.
  1. Future Me: How to Become an Innovator
Innovation is not just for those who dream to build the next Facebook or develop the future Google. Innovation is about doing something better than it has been done before. The VoiceMaster teaches how to CREATE the future by developing an innovative mindset today.

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