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Founded Organizations

As a highly sought-after Filipino motivational speaker, Pocholo has inspired and motivated hundreds of thousands of students, professionals, employees and entrepreneurs all over the Philippines and in other countries for over a decade.
But Pocholo believes that “inspiration and motivation has expiration.” That’s why he has founded several advocacy groups to EMPOWER his fellow Filipinos, by providing them with the venue and opportunity to discover and bring out their greatness, particularly in areas such as radio broadcasting, youth entrepreneurship, and motivational speaking, among many others.

Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY)

Voice of the Youth Network is the largest volunteer youth media organization whose mission is to inform, inspire, involve and empower the Filipino youth through broadcast media and ICT. Since 1996, VOTY has given young people a voice on issues that affect them, enabling them to become agents of positive social change. To date, VOTY has close to 100,000 members nationwide, and has produced more than 20 radio and TV programs nationwide, including programs in its provincial chapters in Sorsogon, Bulacan, Tarlac, Bataan, Negros Oriental, General Santos, among many others.
VOTY has become a venue for hundreds of Mass Communication students to experience real-life broadcasting even before they graduate from their course, gaining them a huge advantage for their future career. VOTY has also provided experiential and in-depth broadcasting training through the Radio Broadcasting Academy.

The Microphone Club

“The microphone is our light saber, and the voice is our force.”
This is the mantra of the Microphone Club, a nonprofit organization for professional microphone users – hosts, voiceovers, broadcasters, etc. – designed to advocate the highest ideals and practices of the art of speaking behind the microphone. Believing that “the microphone is the EAR of the listener,” The Microphone Club aims to establish the standards for performance and professionalism within the industry through training, mentoring, and best practice sharing.
Launched in August 13, 2016, The Microphone Club consists of close to 100 members – talented, dedicated and passionate individuals who believe in the power of collaboration in what was once an individualistic industry. Since its launch, the core members worked together to conduct general assemblies, events and training to equip its members with tools and skills to excel in their craft. Their growing network has also developed a culture of giving and caring by sharing project opportunities within the group.

Society of Young Filipino Speakers

Pocholo is probably the only Filipino motivational speaker who shares his limelight to other people in his own motivational talks! This is why he founded yet another advocacy group to produce young motivational speakers who shall serve as inspiration to their fellow youth.
The Society of Young Filipino Speakers (YFS) is a network of aspiring and existing Filipino motivational speakers ages 15-30 whose mission is to inform, inspire, involve and empower the Filipino youth through motivational speaking. Existing young motivational speakers in the Philippines serve as YFS mentors, who share their time and talent through training and mentoring. YFS offers training such as Self-Discovery and Public Speaking workshops to help its members prepare to step into the motivational speaking arena.

Negosyo Kabataan

As a Go Negosyo Awardee and Angelpreneur, Pocholo takes his passion for youth development to another level by tapping into youth entrepreneurship. In October 15, 2016, Negosyo Kabataan was officially launched at the 15th Franchise and Business Expo held at the World Trade Center, in its Youhtrepreneurship Forum.
Negosyo Kabataan was established in support of Sen. Bam Aquino’s Youth Entrepreneurship Act (R.A. 10679). It aims to ignite the Filipino youth’s entrepreneurial mindset, not only by getting them to go into business, but more importantly, by discovering their skills and passion that would become the basis for their own enterprise. Negosyo Kabataan provides the venue to connect existing and aspiring young Filipino entrepreneurs, providing them with inspiration and motivation through collaboration, mentoring and best-practice sharing.
Negosyo Kabataan is the home of the Youth Entrepreneurship Academy – a training and mentoring program that taps into young people’s creative talents so that they can uncover their potential, discover their passion and live a life of purpose. The program’s mission is to produce graduates with businesses that play to young people’s passion and skills, while providing products and services that are valuable to the society.

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