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Voice Acting Workshops

When you watch anime, play video games, ride the train or call your cable service provider – have you ever wondered “who’s talking”?

These anonymous voices belong to voice talents who lend their voice to advertisements, movies, TV shows, radio announcements, events, concerts, and in every emerging media. A lot of voice talents get a kick out of the industry because they enjoy what they do and are even getting paid to do it.  However, anybody can do voiceover, but not everyone can do voice acting.
Voice acting is an ART. It is not just about having a decent or deep or powerful speaking voice. While those factors contribute to voice acting, there are far more important tools and techniques one has to learn in order to become a voice ARTIST, and not just a voice TALENT.
The Philippine Center for Voice Acting
With his vision of making the Philippines the center of voiceover excellence in Asia, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales founded Creativoices Productions – the leading online voiceover services company in the Philippines. But more than a recording studio, it is also the home of the first and only Voice Acting School in the country, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting.
Since 2005, thousands of students have learned the ropes of the voice acting industry through the VoiceMaster, together with his fellow teachers who are also veterans in the field – Danny Mandia, Alexx Agcaoiili, Papa Neil Tolentino, and Brian Matthew Ligsay.

Together, they conduct an intensive, 8-week training called Voiceworx: Basic Voice Acting and Dubbing Workshop.
In this workshop, students get to discover what they can do with their voice and get their creative juices flowing. Whether it’s in voiceover, commercials, broadcasting, hosting, radio drama, or even video games, this workshop is guaranteed to bring out the personality of your voice!
Students will also learn…
  • how to interpret the copy
  • effective pacing and pausing
  • proper inflection
  • enunciation and articulation
  • reading faster but still legible
  • vocal and facial exercises to keep your muscles limber
  • tricks to get those facial muscles to work when they don’t want to
  • various microphone techniques that will dramatically change the way you sound
  • Script Writing/Translating/Re-writing
  • Voice-Acting, Voice Directing and Dubbing
  • Actual Dubbing and Radio Ad Recording Session
  • ABS CBN Dubbing Studio Tour (by invitation of Instructors)
  • Anime Conventions Hosting
  • Real Radio Broadcasting
  • Radio Drama
Voiceworx has produced hundreds of voice artists who are now making their own name in their respective industries:
  • Richard Sarmiento (“Rico Panyero” of YES FM 101.1)
  • Yen Mempin (“Lala Banderas” of YES FM 101.1)
  • Wanlu Lunaria (ventriloquist, Hall of Famer in “Talentadong Pinoy” Season 1)
  • Jag Camat (voice over artist and dubber in ABS CBN and TV 5)
  • Cyril Cabornay (singer, sang famous jingles like Nescafe 3-in-1’s “Suddenly” and Pantene’s “Mad World”)
After attending the workshop, the students will learn how to express themselves properly; they can create real and believable characters for commercials, narrations, radio drama and animation. With voice acting, they can liven up a conversation and get the attention that they want, whether it’s on a business or a personal level. Voice acting is a must if they want to break into the world of voice-overs.

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