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Voice Leadership

Become An Influential Leader and Master Communicator Without The Fear Of Public Speaking Leaders and pioneer experts have creative ideas, grand visions, and noble intentions. Whether they lead a company, a church or a nation, they are always on a mission to create positive change in the lives of the people they lead. ...Until they open their mouths to speak, a problem arises which they need to face. Many leaders -- or adults, in general -- HATE the sound of their voices! Research has shown that 25% of the population didn’t recognize their recorded voice upon hearing it for the first time...and those who did, cringed and said things like "That doesn't sound like me!" or "Why do I sound like that?" With “that” means horrible and unpleasant to hear. Why is this happening? Even if we admit it or not, we associate leadership with influencing CHANGE, with building TRUST, and with producing RESULTS. So, when we hear a leader speak, we subconsciously expect to hear the voice of influence, of trust, of results. As leaders, if our voice sounds squeaky, weak, aggressive, monotonous, it could be the major root cause that holds us back from succeeding in our role. If this sounds like you, TODAY is that turning point to change your life...for the better! Welcome to V.O.I.C.E. Leadership - where we train and mentor leaders to cultivate a voice that is Versatile, Open, Insightful, Credible and Enthusiastic. VISION: To become a nation where leaders speak with integrity, respect, and love MISSION: To develop leaders whose voices express their truth with dignity and respect. Transform into a credible leader with a commanding authority the moment you speak. Influence change. Build Trust. Produce Results. Become a part of the VOICE Leadership movement.

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