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Monday, June 27, 2011

Extraordinary Lives behind the Voices

Carla Mejia and Kyle Nofuente

When you hear the voices, you immediately recall them. You may even memorize the exact lines delivered and the product it is trying to sell or the programs they are from. At one point in your life, surely, you have even tried mimicking them. Yet, have you ever wondered what the people they are coming from are like?

Don’t get them wrong. Like us, they are also real people. They are voice actors and they are real people behind the voices we have always known and loved. They are the ones responsible for giving life to different things we consume like animes, radio and television commercials, message on-holds, and a lot more?

Unlike the common misconception, what they are doing is not just about having a nice voice (let us say, big voices for men) and being able to imitate voices of different famous personalities nor is it about possessing a program which enables you to switch from one voice to another when it is needed. In fact, what they are doing is an art and like any other art form, even though talent is something that is an advantage, it is still something that has to be studied in order to master.

This is made possible by workshops like CreatiVoices Productions’ Voiceworx! Basic Voice Acting and Dubbing Workshop, a workshop that trains aspiring voice artists for them to learn the basics in their desired field. Packed with the country’s finest and most reputable voice artists as the instructors, Voiceworx is a great way to start anyone’s journey in the world of voice acting, a key to the dreams of many individuals who want to pursue their passion in the said art form.

One good example is Carla Mejia, a graduate of Voiceworx 3. Wanting of doing voice-overs since before, she found this workshop really helpful since she has also known to herself that voice acting is never an instant so she really wanted to learn things about it before being involved in the art. Then, she enrolled and finished said workshop from which she learned a lot most especially about translation. She focused on translating and even before her graduation in the workshop, she already started translating fro telenovelas and animes for ABS-CBN which she is still involved in up until now. Zorro, Las Tontas”, and “Blow to the Heart” were just some of her projects. Apart from these, she has already done other projects like audiobooks and manuals.

Like Carla, Kyle Nofuente is also a product of Voiceworx. He found out about CreatiVoices Productions and Voiceworx in Go Negosyo Magazine and he was so inspired by what he read.  So, after graduating from UP Diliman, he enrolled in the said workshop where he also learned a lot of things like, believe it or not, being “sexy.” By this, he did not mean teaching you how to dress up but how to be confident with yourself. Now, Kyle is a radio DJ on Mellow 94.7.

They are just two of the many personalities created through Voiceworx and are living proof that through proper coaching and workshop, some innate talents concerning the art form, as well as the desire to be involved in the field, are good beginnings in the pursuit of the passion in voice acting.

And at the end of the day, they may still be ordinary humans, physically. Yet what their voices have reached and become make them extraordinary lives behind what others can hear.


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