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Friday, September 16, 2011

How to be a Voice Artist

Most of the time, people think that becoming a voice artist does not require much effort, discipline, talent, and interest since voice acting is often perceived as raket or something that is only done for income’s sake. This is so much against the reality for becoming a voice artist is not really easy. Voice acting is an art form, after all. Like any other art form, one has to take it seriously and possess some of the things aspiring voice artists must-have.

One of the misconceptions about the necessary possessions before one can become a voice artist is a big voice. Voices that are usually referred to as pang-DJ are usually thought of as a passport in becoming a voice artist. However, this is actually wrong. Just because one has a big voice does not mean that he can already be a voice artist. In fact, what really matters, above all, is interest.
Surely, talent matters. Yet it is interest that lights up the fire in one’s heart to pursue something. In this case, interest is the well of one’s passion for this particular art form. Also, without interest, no matter how talented an individual may be, all the potentials would not be necessarily tapped.

Next to interest is talent. One’s innate talent, when used properly and maximized can become something really great. The thing is, not all talents are obvious. Even more, some of these potentials are even hidden and are not recognized by people to exist in themselves. This is why there are people who do not believe that they have something to give in spite of the truth that they actually have hidden talents waiting to awaken inside of them.

One way of awakening these hidden talents is through seeking proper guidance or training under the experts. However, apart from awakening, proper training is also important and recommended to the ones who have already recognized their abilities. This is for them to know themselves even better.

In terms of voice acting, a voice acting workshop is something that is ideal. Through this, an aspiring voice artist, together with others who also have the same passion and interest with him, will be able to know not just the basics about the art form but also some other important lessons that would be helpful as they pursue their passions.

CreatiVoices Productions, the premiere voice talent agency and audio production house in the Philippines is offering basic voice acting and dubbing workshop known as VoiceWorx! Now on its 18th run, VoiceWorx has already helped hundreds of aspiring voice artists in pursuing their dreams of becoming voice artists.

This has been possible through the effort of the Philippines’ Voice Master, Pocholo Gonzales and with the help of the country’s best voice artists and directors like Danny “Ama” Mandia, Alexx “The Supremo” Agcaoili, Neil Tolentino, and Brian Ligsay. Together, these big names in the industry help each participant not just to awaken their talents but also to maximize them through the proven and tested activities.

The workshop is composed of eight sessions, each devoted to a particular area in voice acting. And to truly ensure that each participant is well-equipped after finishing the workshop, they are even allowed to use actual equipment and facilities like studios. They are also given chances to visit studios and observe actual dubbing and voice recording sessions for them to become more familiar with the real world of voice acting.

Apart from all these necessary learning that every aspiring voice artist should acquire before making it to the industry, it is also important to be guided on the next steps to take. Like what was mentioned earlier, CreatiVoices, apart from making sure that the participants learn what they have to; it also ensures that these people would be assisted in looking for opportunities that could be open for them.

It is also the goal of the workshop to transform every individual who participates in it by allowing him to get out of the box, discover himself even more, and be confident. This makes the workshop not just a simple workshop but also a kind of personality development training.

CreatiVoices Productions’ VoiceWorx has already produced a lot of voice artists who are now pursuing their own careers in the country and abroad. Kyle Nofuente, currently DJ on Mellow 94.7; Bob Quilapio, a dubber in ABS-CBN and the voice behind Ayala Cinemas; Princess Joy Paunan, a DJ on BIG Radio; Ma. Juanita Dela Cruz also known as “Emma Harot” of Love Radio; Earl Leonard Sebastian, a voice artist for various radio commercials; and Richard Sarmiento known as “Rico Panero” also of Love Radio are just some of the successful recent graduates of VoiceWorx! The list of these many individuals also includes Teofelyn Ferido, Cornelius Bascara, Pol Aris Wu, Princess Poe, Jay Garcia, Juan Paolo Gutierrez, Mary Angeline Gonzales, and Mark Aragona. These people are already involved in numerous voice over projects.

Another thing that should be kept in mind by every aspiring voice over artist is the fact that voice acting, unlike the common misconception that this is just a form of raket or simply a source of income. Like what CreatiVoices Productions is promoting, the voice acting is an art that has to be professionalized. This is the reason why training makes a lot of difference.

For more information about CreatiVoices Productions and VoiceWorx, visit CreatiVoices Productions is located at the 3rd floor, Light Blue Building, Dian St., Palanan, Makati City.

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