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Saturday, September 10, 2011

In that ‘End’ Was a New Beginning

It was on the third of September, a Saturday. More likely, it was an ordinary day for most of the people at Greenbelt 3. The sound of the laughter, or children screaming out of excitement, as well as the sound of the partly busy street in the noontime—these were all typical except from the 22 individuals who, at that time, were on their way to RedBox on the third level of the mall, excited for what was going to take place in a few minutes.

Two months ago, they were also excited. But, that time, they were excited about the beginning of something new in their lives. They have just accepted the challenge; they gave their firm answers to the question: Who wants to be a voice artist?

Two months ago, they started their journey to the translation of their dreams to reality—they enrolled in VoiceWorx! Basic Voice Acting and Dubbing Workshop. And for two months, they underwent intensive training under the country’s best voice artist, tapped their potentials, and tested their limits. They went through exercise challenges and exercises they never imagined they would and could do. Not just that, they were also tested as individuals.

They did a number of live performances. They made voices of different characters and approaches. They spoofed commercials. They tried dubbing. They got nervous. They got excited. They got nervous and excited and happy all at the same time. It was a roller coaster ride while learning.

For two months, they were taught not just the basics and the essentials in the world of voice acting. In the same way, they were also made sure to absorb some life lessons they will need as they continue with their endeavors. And above all, they were given help to know more of themselves—and, to get out of the box in which, for a long time, they might be imprisoned.

Two months have gone by so fast, that they almost did not feel it. And finally, on that day, despite the ordinariness perceived by the other people around, they could really feel its significance and specialness. It was their VoiceWorx graduation day after all.

Yet on the contrary of what others might have found sad about that day, that it implied so much of an end, it was actually more of a new beginning. After this, to them, more things would eventually come. This, indeed, has been proven and tested. Besides, it was happening for the 18th time around. Yes, for it was the 17th batch (technically the 18th since Voiceworx started with batch 0).

Truly, their lives are just one of the many ones that have already changed—lives whose dreams were given the chance to be realized. Even their certificates and the letters printed on it are not enough to capture how they have felt for having done such a wise move in their lives. And now, as this new batch faced their graduation, more things await them.

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