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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Character Voice and Life Lessons from the VoiceMaster

Like what CreatiVoices claims, VoiceWorx is not just a mere basic voice acting and dubbing workshop. It does not just teach individuals what they should learn in the art of voice acting but also allows them to get more inspiration and life lessons to help them not just in their careers or chosen fields but also in daily life.

This is why, on the workshop’s third session with the VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales last January 21, the workshop attendees had their dose of motivational and life lessons–things that could inspire them as individuals.

It was very natural for the VoiceMaster himself is a well-known motivational speaker. As such, he has already moved thousands of people around the world and he believes that as a mentor, it would also be a great passion to share these inspiring stories to the ones who want to improve as voice artists.

This makes VoiceWorx a kind of personality development program at the same time. It does not just aim to teach the students things that they should know in the art of voice acting but also touches on simple daily life lessons which might sound too ordinary but were too helpful in every person’s life.

Aside from the striking words of wisdom from the VoiceMaster himself, all these were made even easier through the help of some activities that were done inside the class–some activities which, at first, seem so simple yet definitely helpful in one’s development. During the workshop, every participant was encouraged to be active, participate well, and relate to his/her co-attendees well.

But of course, apart from the hands-on activities, VoiceWorx also teaches its students how to be good listeners which, in reality, is a very important communication skill.

It is because we believe that apart from learning the basics, it also important for every voice artist or every aspiring one to improve as a person who communicates to his fellow as he goes on with his life.

So, it was no surprise that the students learned a lot of things during this day. They did not just learn about how to create different voices through the powerful techniques taught to them. They were also able to get some inspiring things that they could carry anywhere they wander.

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