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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Journey Begins at SpeechCommCenter

A new journey starts for individuals coming from different fields as the SpeechCommCenter opened its new batch of SpeechWorx Express Talk, January 30.

A total of 19 students (nine from the 1-4pm and 10 from the 6-9pm) signed up for this batch and expressed their interest in learning more about oral communication and raise their self-confidence level in the art of speaking.

And since at the SpeechCommCenter, students are expected to learn not just from its teachers but also from experience, they were already involved in activities to expose them more to public speaking. In line with this, they had an activity which designed not just to let them speak but also for them to know more about each other, another very important chunk of communication. They were also given the chance to have their short impromptu speeches which were more of a diagnostic examination so the teachers, led by Kyle Nofuente, would know their certain strengths and witnesses.

All the sessions would be recorded as well as their performances. This is to have a record of their improvement from time to time. At the end of the workshop, it would be then easier for their teachers to trace their development.

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