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Monday, December 31, 2012

CreatiVoices Rocks 2012

The year 2012 is about to end. But before it completely bids it goodbye, CreatiVoices has already made sure that it is going to close with nothing but greatness. With its projects, activities, and achievements from left to right, it continues to prove that it is simply among the best.

To start the year right, CreatiVoices Productions’ VoiceWorx Batch 19 opened the door to several aspiring voice artists on January 7.

On January 10, CreatiVoices Productions founder and CEO Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales took an oath as a board member of the Ship for the Southeast Asian Youth (SSYEAP) Program Alumni at the office of Vice President H. E. Jejomar Binay at the Coconut Palace. The VoiceMaster was an SSYEAYP participant way back in 2000.

And for his very first speaking engagement for the year 2012, The VoiceMaster served as the keynote speaker during the “personal branding” seminar of the students of Colegio San Juan de Letran – Calamba City School of Education, Arts, and Sciences.

Just after inspiring students, the VoiceMaster was invited to speak in front of hundreds of Human Resources (HR) officers during the HR Learning EB 5 at the Claret School of Quezon City, January 28.

Then, February with a surprise: The VoiceMaster got featured in two Central Luzon Publications namely The Voice and Central Luzon Business week.

On February 22, The VoiceMaster rocked Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela as he talked about personal branding.

Apart from these, he was also recognized by the Junior Chamber International Makati as the Most Outstanding Member of 2011. He was awarded on February 24, during the JCI Makati 48th Induction and Turnover Ceremonies at the Metropolitan Club, Rockwell.

March, on the other hand, opened with another historical speaking engagement. On March 6, the VoiceMaster was invited to talk in front of about 500 students of the San Pedro branch of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Again, he shared his knowledge on “Personal Branding.”

Besides that, The VoiceMaster was also one of the speakers who shared their knowledge to the attendees of the Philippine Marketing Association Batangas’ “Advertising the Ads – Why Many People Misunderstand the Role of Advertising Today” on March 16 at Anfa Royale Hotel, Grand Royale Ballroom Lipa City. On the same day, he spoke in front of the Paranaque Chamber of Commerce and Industry members whom he also inspired.

And just before the month completely ended, the VoiceMaster made another record for being one with JCI Makati in spearheading the Ten Outstanding Students of Makati, an annual event that recognizes students in Makati City who have shown exemplary performances both in academics and leadership. Apart from playing some important roles in the preparation, The VoiceMaster also hosted this event.

The second half of the year was welcomed with another milestone in the career of its founder, none other than the VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales. He became one of the panelists who shared his knowledge and expertise in the biggest convention of voice artists from all around the globe, The VoiceOver International Creative Experience or VOICE 2012 held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California from June 13 to 16. He was the first Filipino who made it to that particular event, making history in the world of voice acting in the Philippines. This event also enabled the VoiceMaster to learn more new ideas and techniques through the other voice artists from other places. And sure, all these are useful and valuable knowledge that can also be shared with his fellows here in the country, one way of enriching what we already have here. Another cool thing about that event is the new connections the VoiceMaster was able to make. Being an event packed with great and vibrant voice artists from different places, it was truly a great opportunity to make good connections that could also be very beneficial CreatiVoices, particularly in the long run. Also, it was a good way of further promoting what we have in the country when it comes to voice acting.

After the VOICE 2012, The VoiceMaster organized another series of Voice Acting Campus Tour with Mr. Brian Ligsay. This series of lectures and workshops for students visited different campuses in Luzon. Among these lucky campuses were Asia Pacific College, Mapua Insitute of Technology, Technological Institute of the Philippines, and Far Eastern University.­ Through this lecture series, thousand of passionate students were further inspired when it comes to voice acting.  Indeed, it was another chance to spread the word and share the blessing to the ones who were also aspiring to try out voice acting.

In August, the VoiceMaster was chosen to be the official voice acting coach of the Artista Academy Scholars. Artista Academy, the country’s grandest talent search of the year, made way to the realization of dreams of several aspiring actors and actresses in the country. Of course, it was an honor and pleasure for CreatiVoices and the VoiceMaster himself for having been a part of that program.

Meanwhile, the month of September was welcomed by the graduation celebration of the 21st batch of VoiceWorx. This new batch served as an addition to the ever-growing pool of talents and a circle of passionate young voice artists from CreatiVoices. Sure, many of them would be part of the ever-flourishing industry of voice acting in the country and they would eventually become additional pride of the country’s premier voice acting company

And just days after that, The VoiceMaster rocked the house again as he spoke before thousands of students during the annual Youth for Information Technology (Y4IT) held at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, from September 10 to 15. A certified regular in that said event, The VoiceMaster made another history by inspiring a large number of students there particularly concerning about the use of voice acting in information technology.

Aside from that speaking engagement, CreatiVoices Productions and the VoiceMaster himself also took part in the very first Laguna Blogging Summit. This was held from on September 27 and 28 at the Provincial Cultural Center in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. CreatiVoices was one of the media partners in this happening while the VoiceMaster was one of the speakers. He talked about “The Art of Personal Branding” which has always been one of his expertises, besides voice acting. Again, it was another privilege for CreatiVoices and its founder to be part of such a much-awaited event.

VoiceWorx batch 22, on the other hand, also began as another month opened. Again, a group of passionate young people who were eager to try voice acting convened to start their journey and learn the basics of the craft. Indeed, this batch is something to look forward to as they complete the workshop before the year ends.

In the same month, the VoiceMaster had another series of lectures in different places in the country, primarily about branding and marketing. Among these events where he was able to successfully spread the very seemingly viral words of leaning, wisdom and encouragement were The 2nd Regional Student Business Summit last October 5 at the People Center, Tacloban City and the Personal Branding Lecture at the San Beda College of Manila, held on October 19.

Apart from these events, CreatiVoices also got involved in a couple of projects through the help of its highly-creative team composed of talented and passionate members. One of its projects was an AVP for Planet drugstore. The said AVP, which was used as the drugstore’s official presentation for The Department of Health’s PPP in Manila on October 25, 2012, told the story of how the scarcity of medicine was resolved in the Ospital ng Makati through the help of Planet Drugsture in a Public-Private Partnership. On the same day, CreatiVoices Productions celebrated its 7th anniversary.

And before the month bade its farewell, CreatiVoices had another breakthrough. It was chosen to work on the AVP for the 2012 Go Negosyo OFW and Family Summit which took place on November 22, 2012, at the World Trade Center.

The VoiceMaster was also one of the speakers for the said event.

On November 28, on the other hand, The VoiceMaster visited Cebu City and gave a talk for the First Council of Management Educators and Practitioners in the Philippines (COMMEP) Regional Convention with the theme “Rethinking Leadership: Preparing Future Leaders and Managers in a Borderless World.”

Afterward, the last month comes in with even more surprises to cap another fulfilling year. December was welcomed with a Christmas Pool Party wherein members of CreatiVoices Productions gathered and celebrated for the season. After that was another celebration: VoiceWorx Batch 22 graduated on December 8 and thus joining the still growing pool of talented voice artists.

On December 10, The VoiceMaster inspired the young people of Makati Youth Home while on the 16th, he inspired thousands of youths during the Laguna Youth Summit where he was recognized by none other than Laguna Governor E. R. Ejercito.

Certainly, CreatiVoices Productions and The VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales have been so blessed for the past few months. They have already marked the year with success through all these activities and achievements. But of course, the year is not yet over. There is still a lot more to look forward to and be excited about as it faces the remaining days of this year. Good job, indeed.

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