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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hands-on Voice Acting Workshop and Dubbing Class in Manila – Creativoices Voiceworx

When In Manila, you can find the best and the only Voice Acting Workshop at Voiceworx by Creativoices.  
If you find yourself immitating someone’s voice – a character perhaps like Pokemon or Stitch, reading the newspaper out loud like a news anchor, or re-enacting your favorite TVC, then it’s time to officialy learn the art of voice acting.

With Voiceworx, you get to discover the secrets of professional voice artists and dubbers.
Yes, you will actually learn from the best voice artists in the Philippines! Over the 3 weeks of attending the class, I actually met different teachers every week who has vast experience in the craft.  Among the list of their voice acting gurus are Pocholo “VoiceMaster” Gonzales, Brian Mathew “Godpodder” Ligsay, Alfredo “Alexx” Agcaoili, Neil Ericson Tolentino and Danny Mandia.
The class usually starts with a lectue for 30-minutes to an hour.  It really depends on the topic the instructor needs to teach on that day.  Mostly, you would learn about the voice acting and dubbing profession, a little technical knowledge as basic as how to hold a mic, ethics and work professionalism, different sources of voces, knowing how to target your audience and even working with scripts.

It’s an all-around workshop that will get you equipped with your voice acting career. 

Pocholo Gonzales

Danny Mandia
Active Workshops
The classes usually happen every Saturday, unless given another notice otherwise.  In every session, you get to practice how to use your voice.  If you are the shy type, this is your chance to overcome that fear.  Most uf us students in the room attended our first day, very shy from each other, from performing – and from using our voice to it’s full capacity.  
After a few sessions, even the meekest of us all would now confidently take the stage and participate in the different FUN activities we have.  FUN is really one word I would like to describe this class.  You would learn a lot, but you will definitely have fun learning all these new techniques.

Recording sessions

Mock Dubbing and Recording Sessions
Creativoices is a full-on facility for voice artists with classrooms and dubbing room.  Students would get to experience actual dubbing.  We got to experience the real deal – being directed by top voice artist directors in the Philippines, using the mic, actually dubbing and using our voice to act and the having performance butterflies in our stomach.
There is no promise to land you a voice acting job at the end of the sessions, but you will get to know the directors who – just might need your voice for one of their projects.

Dubbing an anime clip

Based on my personal experience, it doesn’t mean that when your voice is good, they will definitely get you.  Sometimes, they will match your voice with the characters that they need.  It all depends on a project-to-project basis.  So with this said, there is no such thing as an ugly voice.  Embrace your own timber and tone.  At the same time, learn the techniques you need when you finally audition for that dub. 
When in Manila, transform your voice into art!

VoiceWorx Batch 23! (Morning Class)

More photos here.


1745 Dian St., Palanan, Makati City 1235 PHILIPPINES
Location and Map
Facebook: facebook.com/CreatiVoicesProductions
Twitter: twitter.com/creativoices
Youtube: youtube.com/pochology

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