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Monday, November 16, 2015

Holy Child Academy Teachers Got Positive Vibe in their In-Service Training

What better way to start a brand new day and a brand new week than with positive vibes?

On November 16, teachers of the Holy Child Academy from its different branches gathered in the Novaliches campus for their In-Service Training. Over 100 teachers filled the multimedia room for a whole-day training. The INSET started with a morning energizer, where the group was led to an aerobic dance. The opening ceremonies followed, including opening remarks from HCA Novaliches School Head, Mrs. Elizabeth Robledo.

The highlight of the morning was a back-to-back talk on “Positive Attitude in the Workplace” from Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director Ada Cuaresma, and Sharp Rocket’s Founder, Venchito Tampon.

Ada started her talk with a standup comedy-esque scene as she entertained the teachers with her wit, sense of humor and jokes. She then went on to tell the teachers that it is possible to start each morning with such positivity by learning the secrets of the Law of Attraction. Carrying the humor all throughout, Ada gave the audience an understanding of how to attract positive things, people and situations in their life. She ended her talk with tips on how to harness this principle and apply it in everyday life.

Shortly after, Venchito took the stage to share his knowledge on how to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. He talked about the traits that positive people possess and contribute to their organization, such as passion and excellence.

Overall, the Holy Child Academy teachers were motivated and given a huge dose of positivity with the morning talk, getting them ready to face the rest of the school year.

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