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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires Future Innovators in Cebu

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales has yet again inspired hundreds of youth in the Cebu leg of the 21st STI National Youth Convention on January 12, 2016, at the CAP Center in Cebu City.

With his talk entitled “The Innovator’s Creativity,” the VoiceMaster stepped on stage and energized the crowd with his introductory icebreaker and funny banters. He then went on to share his own story, on how he has continuously innovated to build his business, found his advocacies and establish his brand as the VoiceMaster.

As he began speaking about innovation, Pocholo gave a simple yet powerful idea on how to develop the mindset of an innovator. For the VoiceMaster, it is of utmost importance to think like an innovator in order to come up with innovative ideas, whether for business or for personal use.

The VoiceMaster also inspired the students to keep their imagination alive and to have a vision for themselves and for the community. He explained that innovation is not just about ideas. More importantly, innovation is about having the HEART… the passion to make the world a better place. And that is his challenge to the participants: to innovate for positive social change.

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