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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

VOTY Radio Broadcasting Academy Holds Workshop for Aspiring Youth Broadcasters

Voice of the Youth Network opens the VOTY Radio Broadcasting Academy with its first workshop, “Broadcasting 101”. The 2-day workshop aims to train aspiring young broadcasters on the basics of broadcasting for youth-oriented radio programs, like Voice of the Youth Radio.

On February 7, the first day of the workshop was held at the Creativoices Productions studio in Makati. Ten aspiring broadcasters were granted scholarships to the workshop, provided by Voice of the Youth Network founder, Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

After a round-robin of introduction from the participants, the workshop opened with a motivational talk from the VoiceMaster. He recalled how and why he started VOTY – how he was the youngest radio broadcaster during his time, and how he traveled to Southeast Asia as a youth advocate at the age of 21. He encouraged the participants to maximize their youth and become an inspiration to their fellow young people.

Up next was VOTY’s Head Secretariat, Ada Cuaresma, who did a workshop on interviewing basics. Ada explained the key elements of an interview and provided a step-by-step approach on how to prepare for an interview, how to conduct an interview and how to end an interview. The participants also performed listening exercises and came up with the interview question for a famous celebrity they would like to interview.

After the interviewing module, Andrew San Fernando – one of VOTY’s radio show anchors and program director – conducted a workshop on radio programming. He explained how to outline a radio show’s program flow, divide the show’s time slot into segments, and gave tips on how to manage the program and adjust to changes while on air.

The first day of the Broadcasting 101 workshop concluded with more encouraging words from the VoiceMaster, who challenged the participants to pursue their passion and inspire their fellow youth to do the same.

Voice of the Youth Network is a volunteer youth media organization that aims to inform, inspire, involve and empower the Filipino youth through broadcasting and ICT. Its mission is to encourage every Filipino youth to believe in themselves in creating positive social change.

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