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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The VoiceMaster Inspires Teachers to Master their Voice

On March 4th, over 500 teachers from all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces filled the Marikina Convention Center to participate on the first day of St. Matthew’s Publishing’s event, dubbed as “UnlockED 2016.” As a pioneer in the educational publishing industry for preschool and elementary school books in the Philippines, St. Matthew’s Publishing holds this annual event to unlock the potentials of the teachers as well as to maximize their skills as educators. With this year’s theme “Designing Dynamic Learning Environments,” the seminar featured speakers that teach the participants various ways to make learning fun through creativity.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was the last speaker, who spoke about one of his advocacies, VOICE CARE FOR TEACHERS. In his hour-and-a-half talk, he emphasized the importance of the voice as a teacher’s primary tool in carrying out their teaching vocation. Pocholo discussed the different factors that made teachers prone to voice problems and gave tools, exercises, and techniques that would help them prevent voice problems in the future with the proper production of the voice.

Another important part of Pocholo’s talk was about mastering the voice, and how teachers can consciously cultivate habits that will not only prevent them from developing voice problems, but also how they can use their voice effectively in teaching today’s youth – also known as the Generation Z – who easily get distracted and bored, and have a short attention span of 4-6 seconds. He also shared his knowledge in voice acting, which teachers can also utilize in the classroom to make their teaching fun, memorable and meaningful. The VoiceMaster proved how voice acting can make a huge difference in engaging learners, by showcasing his own voice acting prowess.

Pocholo is the founder of Voice Care Philippines, a training organization whose mission is to equip professional voice users, like teachers, with the knowledge and tools to “save their voice and save their career”. His high respect for the teaching profession, as well as his innate passion for teaching, Pocholo prioritized the teachers in this advocacy, thus, creating the first-ever voice care workshop called “Voice Care for Teachers,” which he also wrote a book on with the same title. Voice Care Philippines also has voice care workshops for call center agents, as well as sales and marketing professionals.

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