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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pochology Academy Inspires Financial Management Students of Wesleyan University in Cabanatuan

Over 500 Financial Management students of Wesleyan University Cabanatuan gathered for the Junior Financial Executives – Wesleyan University Chapter’s Symposium. The event was held on September 28 at the Roof Park of SM City Cabanatuan. With the theme “Financial Insights of the Millennial Generation,” the event focused on raising the level of financial literacy for today’s youth.

The audience was entertained with raffle draws and games in the half-day symposium. The highlight of the afternoon was the invited speakers who inspired, motivated and empowered the participants towards a shifted mindset towards the subject of finances.

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was the first speaker, who gave an entertaining yet very inspiring talk about greatness, excellence, and passion. He shared his journey to becoming the VoiceMaster, not because of the many voiceover projects he’s done, but for the path, he paved for aspiring voice artists through his voice acting school. The VoiceMaster shared how everything he’s done in life is always done with a passion more than with the motivation of earning money, and encouraged the audience to do the same. He shared many of his words of wisdom which he calls “Pochology” to encourage the students to discover their passion and purpose in life in order to do work that is meaningful and not just for necessity. Of course, the VoiceMaster amazed the audience with his tirade of hugot lines and sample of character voices and a one-man radio drama.

The second speaker was Ada “The Voice Care Queen” Cuaresma, who spoke about “The heart of personal investing.” Just like her mentor, The VoiceMaster, Ada inspired the audience with a different concept of investing. Her talk centered around investing one’s time, effort and skills in order to discover one’s purpose, improve personal energy, develop healthy relationships and sharpen one’s abilities. Ada also made her presentation interactive with some activities.

The symposium ended with more energized, inspired and empowered Financial Management students of Wesleyan University.

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