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Friday, October 13, 2017

JCI Makati Launches H.U.B. Night

On October 11, JCI Makati launched its HUB Night, a weekly gathering open to all JCI members for a night of learning and fellowship. With the theme “Helping, Unifying and Bridging Jaycees in the Philippines and Beyond,” the mission of HUB Night is to:
  • Help fellow Jaycees in their personal and professional growth
  • Unify Jaycees in the Philippines by providing a venue and opportunity for learning and fellowship
  • Bridging current and future Jaycees to create positive social change

HUB Night happens every Wednesday at the Ramen Metro restaurant in Makati City, where participants get to enjoy delicious Japanese food at a special discount.

Over 30 people attended the HUB Night, both existing and aspiring JCI Makati members alike. JCI LEPA Tawi-tawi also graced the HUB Night with their presence, led by their President, Jennifer Olmedo. Past Presidents of JCI Makati also came and supported the event – 2014 President Atty. Carlo Ybanez, 2015 President Aries Balanay, and 2016 President Neil Florita. Also present are current JCI Makati President Ken Tiu, and incoming 2018 President, Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo Gonzales.

HUB Night began with a new member orientation for JCI Makati, led by Atty. Ybanez. After which, Pres. Ken Tiu asked the “Baby Jaycees” to introduce themselves and share their reasons for wanting to be part of JCI Makati. He then called Pres. Jenn of JCI LEPA Tawi-tawi to say a few words to inspire the Baby Jaycees on how they can contribute to positive social change through JCI.

Baby Jaycee and incoming Local Training Director Reynard Francisco came onstage to introduce his advocacy called “Project FUN” – a training program geared towards providing free education for underprivileged children. He encouraged the other Baby Jaycees to take part in the initiative to help champion free-for-all education.

Incoming JCI Makati President, Pocholo Gonzales, was the next one to speak. He welcomed the group to the event and explained the objectives and vision for the weekly HUB Night. He encouraged everyone to participate in the future HUB Nights, as the learning events will feature different topics and speakers. Pocholo shared a summary of JCI Makati’s participation at the recently concluded National Conference, and gave the group a sneak peak of the future potential projects of JCI Makati.

The highlight of the evening was the guest speaker, Fe Matullano Lustanas, or more popularly known as “Teacher Fe”. Teacher Fe is the founder of A Journey of Hope and Education Under the Bridge – both of which are advocacy programs that aim to provide education for all, including out of school youth, over-aged pupils and adults. 

A 2015 recipient of the Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning Pilipinong Guro Award, Teacher Fe shared the story of how she started with her advocacy, and how it has grown to what it is today. She set an example for the participants on how greatness can be achieved even by simply having the heart to serve the community and the country.

JCI HUB Night is Pocholo’s first initiative as JCI Makati President for 2018, to support JCI Makati’s battlecry of “Greatness within in 2018 – together, we’re GREATER.”

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