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Monday, March 26, 2018

The VoiceMaster Teaches Personal Branding to Business Students in Batangas City

Westmead International School conducted its 8th Annual Business Forum on March 22 at the Britz Building in Batangas City. Over 300 Business Administration and Marketing students from various schools in the area flocked to the venue to learn about the event’s theme, “Brand Matters.” Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales came onstage as the first speaker of the event.
The VoiceMaster talks about Personal Branding
After the introduction and opening remarks, Pocholo energized the crowd with his wit, humor, and series of hugot lines that sent the crowd roaring with laughter. In his presentation entitled, “Building the ME Within You,” Pocholo talked about the art of Personal Branding, which he related to finding one’s life purpose.

Pocholo began his talk with the story of how he began his journey of finding his own life purpose – to use his talents and skills to make other people better and happy. He told the story of how, as young as being a College Freshman, he began his professional voice acting and broadcasting career. He talked about the challenges he encountered along the way, especially about the monopoly and politics he experienced with the veterans in his industry. Pocholo shared the importance of passion in order to overcome any obstacle in pursuing one’s dream.
The VoiceMaster inspires over 300 Business Administration Students in Batangas City
Pocholo talked about National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal as the epitome of Filipino greatness and excellence. He shared little-known facts about Rizal’s history to the students, and how much Rizal has accomplished for the country despite limited resources, technology, and even independence. He challenged the students to remember and live by the principles of the great man.

Then Pocholo shifted to the topic of Personal Branding, which he simply defined as “top-of-mind awareness.” According to Pocholo, you know you have established your brand if your name is the first one to come up when people talk about your product/service category. This laid the foundation for Pocholo’s main point – that a person’s brand is all about his or her life purpose.
The VoiceMaster speaks at Westmead International School’s 8th Annual Business Forum
Though short of time, Pocholo gave the students a powerful tool to help them discover their so-called “calling.” He shared 5 simple but profound questions that would help them uncover their deepest passion and talent that would make the most impact. In the end, Pocholo left them with his famous Pochology (Pocholo’s words of wisdom) – “Availability is your best ability” – and encourage the students to be available for opportunities and possibilities around them.

Pocholo shared the stage with fellow speakers, YOUnique and DISC Master Trainer Chico Pasion, and V Cargo Worldwide CEO Paulo Tibig.

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