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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Creativoices Productions Conducts Advanced Voice Acting Workshop for Radio, TV and Animation

Creativoices Productions conducted an advanced voice acting workshop on March 28, at its headquarters in Makati City. The workshop was facilitated by Voiceworx Director Brian Ligsay, and Creativoices CEO and Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.

The whole-day intensive workshop was intended for Voiceworx graduates and those with some experience in dubbing and voiceover. Ten participants experienced this comprehensive voice workshop to sharpen their voice acting skills, particularly in dubbing and voiceovers.

The day started with an introduction and an icebreaker, and a motivational talk by the VoiceMaster. He set the mood for the participants to develop a deeper appreciation for the art of voice acting. Pocholo shared the stories of how the industry has grown in his 20 years of being in it, and how their voice acting school has opened the doors to all who used to just dream to become voice artists.

Then came Voiceworx Director Brian Ligsay, who started the intense training with a unique get-to-know-you activity. A thorough discussion about the voice acting industry followed, where Brian gave a high-level overview of voice acting history and trends. The presentation gave the participants a huge awareness of the world of opportunities that await them.

After a quick break, the students went through various voice exercises to improve their breathing, pitch range, and articulation. The exercises prepared them for a mock recording at the latter part of the workshop.

After lunch, the students moved to Creativoices’ recording studio where the workshop continued. Brian shared what the participants should expect as they journey through the voice acting industry. He also gave tips on how they can create their voice demos, behave in auditions and recordings, and a lot of tips to market themselves as freelance voice artists. He also walked them through the various studio equipment that they will encounter inside a recording booth.

The discussion prepared the participants for their mock recording, which was the last part of the workshop. One by one, the participants entered the recording booth to record a couple of voiceover scripts in the various genres – commercials, narration, documentary, among many others. Feedback was given by Brian and the class as to how each student can improve their script reading and their vocal quality.

The workshop ended with the participants receiving their certificate of participation, and with a whole new set of knowledge to conquer the voice acting world.

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