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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The VoiceMaster Teaches the Art of Elevator Pitching to Over 1,000 Pru Life Agents

Pru Life UK’s Alexandrite District held its Midyear Sales Conference at Palacio De Maynila in Malate on July 27, 2019. Over 1,000 insurance agents, district managers, and branch managers were present in the event – a full day of learning, entertainment, and recognition for top performers.

Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales graced the afternoon session with a talk on the art of elevator pitching. He began his presentation with an energizer for the audience, then went on to introduce his career and business. He also entertained the crowd with an ensemble of voice impressions of famous personalities and cartoon characters.

Before discussing the elevator pitch, Pocholo talked about sales and asked the audience what challenges they encounter in selling life insurance. He then inspired them to shift their mindset from selling to serving and to focus on the value that their product offers, then convert that value into powerful words. Those words would then become the core of the elevator pitch. Pocholo discussed the elements of an elevator pitch, and emphasized the need to plan, prepare and practice for an elevator pitch because “you never know when you need to use it.”
Q and A with the VoiceMaster
Pocholo powerfully ended his talk with his Pochology “Availability is the best ability” and challenged the agents to seize every opportunity to serve their clients and prospects.

Pocholo’s talk as preluded with a short presentation about making a good first impression by motivational speaker Ada Cuaresma, one of Pocholo’s mentees in motivational speaking. Ada spoke about the four emotions that create a good first impression.
Ada Cuaresma speaks about first impressions as a prelude to the VoiceMaster
The conference ended with recognition for Alexandrite’s top performers and a raffle.

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