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Thursday, March 30, 2017

5 Reasons to Take Summer Workshops

It’s summertime!

Many people are most likely getting ready to take their much-awaited vacation to the beach or to a Disneyland. Some, especially those students who just finished their thesis last semester, just want to spend their summer vacation catching up on sleep and just chillin’. But if you’d like to make your summer more memorable, productive and impactful, you can spend it attending summer workshops.

Today’s world is fast-paced and competitive. It is almost a requirement to turn your hobbies and interests into usable skills. The good news is that there are courses that would not take years or even semesters to finish. From performing arts such as singing and dancing, sports like basketball and tennis, and other interests like baking and photography, there are summer camps and summer clinics practically on almost all types of interests in various locations in the metro.
For more than a decade, my own company has been offering voice acting workshops every summer. Voiceworx – Basic Voice Acting and Dubbing Workshop is an 8-Saturday workshop that teaches the fundamentals of voice acting, including creating character voices, voice care, and script analysis and translation. I’m proud to say that this workshop – the first and only in the country – has opened the doors of what was once an elusive industry to those who have the passion and dedication to master the craft.

I have been an advocate of short courses like summer workshops myself. I have studied month-long courses in other countries to deepen my knowledge for my own passions and interest – leadership, youth empowerment, among many others. That’s why I also encourage the people I meet to do the same.

Here are my top 5 reasons for attending summer workshops:

5 Reasons to Take Summer Workshops

1. To kill boredom in a productive way
I know: summer is an opportunity to sleep longer and chill at home. Vacation time is the time when you can go on slow motion and not have to think about what to do next. But I can also bet you that sooner or later, you will run out of DVD’s and TV series to marathon! The good thing about attending a summer workshop is that you will have something worthwhile to do during your vacation. Your summer break won’t leave you feeling like you wasted 2 months of your life.
2. To become friends with like-minded people
Will you attend a workshop you’re not interested in? I’m sure you won’t – and your classmates won’t, either. Summer workshops will enable you to meet people of diverse backgrounds with similar interests. These people can be your new best friends or even business partners!

3. To taste-test a potential career
There may be a lot of books and online material you can read about a certain interest or industry, but none of them can replace hands-on training you can get from summer workshops. Workshops give you in-depth and experiential learning. It is a good way to build foundational skills, and an opportunity to decide whether or not you would want to continue building on them in the future.
4. To level up a hobby
As I mentioned earlier, your hobbies and interests can be transformed into a skill that you can actually use to create something worthwhile. In our voice acting school, for instance, we have a lot of students who enrol because they love anime and love doing voices. Our voice acting workshop is their opportunity to develop that skill and turn it into a profession and even a business in the future. The same is true for any other talent that you may just be doing “for fun.”

5. To try something new
Okay, perhaps you’re already established in your career or business and have perfected all the skills you need to carry out your work. Then why not enrol in a summer workshop just to try something new? Again, this new experience will help you kill boredom, meet like-minded people and taste-test a potential career.

As a highly sought-after Filipino motivational speaker, I always believe that the whole world is our classroom, and that we are all students of life. We should all invest in our self-development because after all, life is all about progress and growth.

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