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Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Pochologist Speaks about Passion-Driven Enterprises for YES Philippines

On August 17, 2017, the Young Entrepreneurs Society Philippines or YES Philippines, in partnership with EntrepRadio and Pen Brothers, organized a seminar entitled “Passion-Driven Enterprises”. This 3-hour seminar was aimed towards a mindset shift from going into business being motivated by money to going into business being motivated by passion and purpose. 

The seminar featured none other than Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales – the most recognized Filipino voice artist, veteran radio broadcaster, internationally-awarded youth advocate, author, and a highly sought-after voice director, trainer and motivational speaker. Pocholo is also a Go Negosyo awardee and Angelpreneur, and the founder of Youth Entrepreneurship Academy of the Philippines (YEAP).

The seminar opened with EntrepRadio’s main anchor and YEAP Executive Director Dennis Sajo, who introduced their advocacy in igniting the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth. He also shared his own experience on how his own passion for speaking and motivating people has led him to cross paths with the VoiceMaster, and how he grabbed the opportunity to host the show and head YEAP when the opportunity was opened to him. Dennis then introduced and called on the VoiceMaster onstage, whom he referred to as his mentor and brother.

Pocholo started his talk by energizing the crowd and getting acquainted with them. He shared the story of his entrepreneurial journey, from the time he started working as a freelance voice artist until he opened his first recording studio, Univoicesal Productions. He told the participants how his first business venture failed, costing him 2 million pesos worth of investment after 6 months. Learning from his mistakes, he attempted to start a smaller recording studio in 2005, which is now what is known as Creativoices Productions.

After entertaining and mesmerizing the audience with his voice acting talent by doing a repertoire of character voices, Pocholo then shared that PASSION and PURPOSE are the 2 key ingredients not only in building a successful business but also in being able to persist amidst trials and challenges. “Just do what you love and the money will follow,” was the wise advice of the VoiceMaster. He also said that knowing why you are doing your business in the first place guides the entrepreneur as he builds and grows his enterprise.

Pocholo then led the group through a quick workshop on how they can identify their passion that can be turned into a business. He asked them to list 5 things that they are interested in, then choose 3 that they feel they are passionate about. He defined passion as something that someone would be willing to do every day even if they are not getting paid to do it. 

He then shared different methods on how those passions can be made into a business – creating a product or service, creating a digital product or even teaching the skill to other people. The seminar ended with Pocholo inviting the participants to volunteer and become part of EntrepRadio and YEAP, which he founded for young aspiring entrepreneurs.

EntrepRadio is a weekly radio program for young entrepreneurs, airing every Sunday from 9 to 10am, at DZRJ 810AM, with live streaming at 8 Trimedia Facebook and Youtube channel. Youth Entrepreneurship Academy of the Philippines is a training and mentoring program for young aspiring entrepreneurs, created to support Senator Bam Aquino’s Youth Entrepreneurship Act or R.A. 10679.

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