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Monday, December 30, 2019

The VoiceMaster Announced His Retirement from the Industry of Dubbing; Bigger Visions Awaiting for Fulfillment in His Career in Motivational Speaking and Entrepreneurship

The VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales, with his successful two decades of experience and authority in the world of voice acting, announced his retirement as a dubber. He declared this decision first to his students last December 14, 2019, in the graduation of the final batch of VoiceWorx. 

VoiceMaster dedicated more than 20 years of his career in dubbing and voice acting

The VoiceMaster proudly announced his retirement while extending his gratitude to the only and first mentor who trusted him in dubbing, Danny "Ama" Mandia. He recalled how it was difficult to get a project as most directors do not give chance to aspiring voice artists but only to their friends or relatives. It was through Mandia that the VoiceMaster began his extensive career in dubbing.

The VoiceMaster looks up to the Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal, who has loved his country more than anything else and fought for its independence from the Spaniards colonizers. Similar to the national hero, the VoiceMaster has a wholehearted commitment to his craft and continues to excel in his chosen fields. 

Danny "Ama" Mandia with VoiceMaster and other dubbers back in the 90s.

He never stops in reinventing and disrupting his self and his personal goals. Some of the highlights of his career are the following:

  • The only Filipino and Asian panelist in the 2012 VoiceOver International Creative Experience. He proudly represented our country along with other veteran and respected voice artists in the industry around the world.

Certificate granted to VoiceMaster for his participation in 2012 VOICE

VoiceMaster in 2012 VoiceOver Creative International Experience

  • Award-winning author at the National Book Awards 2017 for "Best Book on Professions" for his book "Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent".

                                                          VoiceMaster being awarded in the National Book Awards
  • Numerous features and interviews in TV, magazines, newsprint, and documentaries.

VoiceMaster with some of his TV interviews and features

  • The VoiceMaster has contributed a chapter about dubbing in the sixth edition of "The Art of Voice Acting" written by James Alburger (published 2019), the book regarded as the Bible for voiceovers.

As the VoiceMaster truly embodies his vision, it is not surprising to see several accolades and accomplishments under his name. Rising above challenges, winning over failures, and supporting dreamers' starting careers became guiding actions in his journey. These are the secrets to his continuous success in the world of dubbing, voice acting, entrepreneurship,  and motivational speaking.

Testimonials for The VoiceMaster

VoiceWorx Batch 50 was the last workshop session that was the brainchild of Danny "Ama" Mandia, Father of modern Filipino Dubbing. The VoiceMaster made it possible to become true with his initiative, resources, and commitment. Starting in January 2020, "Voice Act Now" will be the new workshop session with the comprehensive learning and hands-on application of skills in voice acting, dubbing, and scriptwriting.

VoiceMaster and Danny "Ama" Mandia preparing for the awarding of certificates

The VoiceMaster is already entrusting CreatiVoices Productions to his former students namely Jeff Gusayko, MK Salditos, and Reymar Peña. Although he remains as the CEO, this is how he shows his trust to people with pure hearts and who didn't succumb to greed for money and fame. They take part in the decision-making and profit-sharing of the continuous growth of the company he started.

MK Salditos, Jeff Gusayko, and Reymar Peña in their interview for State of the Nation with Jessica Soho

His vision 2020 is focused on his entrepreneurship collaboration with Titans Group together with other self-made Pinoy millionaire businessmen. In addition, he also wants to focus on his Pochology Academy and motivational speaking engagement. On a yearly basis, the VoiceMaster receives hundreds of invitations to be a speaker from schools, corporations, organizations, and different groups.

VoiceMaster announcing his retirement in the VoiceWorx Batch 50 graduation

Clearly a disruptor in his own goals and competes with his own milestones and achievements, the retirement from dubbing is the appropriate decision with these bigger opportunities heading his way. He is the first to announce his retirement publicly because of the assured decision to move forward to a new era and adventure in his career and life goals.

The Very First Dubber's Cut in 2006

Dubber's Cut of Biker Mice from Mars

Negima Dubbing

Filipino Fairy Tales

PTV 4 Interview

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