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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Voice Actors Vs. On-Screen Talents

In my many years as a professional voice performer and producer, I often encounter comparisons to a trend in the industry about Screen Actors taking the job of those who have been doing it decades. This popularity of On-cam Personalities performing behind them mike is nothing new, however, it has been a rising factor in movie theaters and animated features nowadays.

Animation is the reality of imagination. The justice to any script for which, depends entirely on the voice actor’s performance. That is why voice-overs, require a unique set of skills and mastery of the art, in order to deliver what the animator intends to show. No matter how good an animation is, if you have a poor set of voices, you will end up with something that is worthless. However, if you have simple animation on hand, but with an exceptional lineup of voice actors, you will be surprised by the results. Here are some pointers to why hiring a voice actor against an on-cam actor is beneficial for your animation project.

                                        VOICE ACTOR                    ON-CAM ACTOR/MODEL

BUDGET                        Relatively Cheaper                  20-30 times more expensive

AVAILABILITY                 Always                                 Depending on project/
                                                                                             product restrictions
OF THE CRAFT               Perfect                                  May need to attend workshops
                                                                                              and 1-on-1 coaching

MIC SKILLS               Honed thru years                       Many are working 1st time on                                                                       of experience                         dubbing or voice-overs

PERFORMANCE            Flawless                                May have difficulty coping up
                                                                                               with the microphone

INDUSTRY                  5 times more the                        Those who only made an 
POPULATION               number of on-screen                        on-screen debut 
(NO. OF TALENTS)          actors                                        are considered actors

VOICES                         Exponential                               Limited to Conversational

VOICE QUALITY     Perfect behind the mic                May require additional tuning

EXPOSURE                 Popular with a niche                      Has on-cam/modeling
                                 market/captured following                          advantages

CHARACTERIZATION    Can work with new             Maybe thrown off with the 
                                              set of voices, and                        idea of changing his/her
                                              experiment. Many                         voice. Limited to 1
                                            voice actors can do
                                               atleast 5 voices
KNOWLEDGE                          Adept                                             Enough

KNOWLEDGE              Knows exactly what’s going                Some Familiar. 
IN PROCESSES                  on behind the booth                         Some Not. 

PERFORMANCE                   None better                               Exceptionally few

ABILITY TO SYNCH                 Effortless.                     Will depend on what the director 
AND IMPROVISE                     Cutting recording          says and the material. May need 
(faced with reactions)              time by 75%                     to spend more time on recording

SCHEDULING                     Always present,                        Will have to be adjusted 
                                                   easily managed.           for appearances and confirmation
                                                  No star complex

Like they say, kids go to movies to watch and love the story. They do not care if an on-cam actor is doing the part or a voice over. What is important is that they believe and react to the characters, and be motivated by it.. by statistics anyone can easily spot who can deliver the story between the two. You can always get a screen actor to do the job, but you can never beat a voice over’s performance.

You be the judge of which.


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