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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Get ready for VoiceWorx 6!

A New Breed of Voices
By: The Godpodder

For many years, the word “voice over” has been implied as an easy-paying, non-popular, spur of the moment sideline, that only a select few of “big voices” can take on it. In fact, many thought that doing voice-overs is so easy, that practically anyone can jump right into it and earn big time. And that all that is required is for you to have is a booming, modulated, “voice of god” type of resonance to pull it off.

The part of earning big might be true to some extent, but for the most part, everything about doing voices is now considered to be more difficult than any regular paying job. Thanks to technology, doing Voice Overs or Voice Acting has now earned a reputation of being exclusive to those of the extraordinary, is slowly being accepted as a career of choice, and in reality… Voice acting is a painstaking form of art.

Yes, technology now plays a vital role to a Voice actor’s dream of making it a career. People who are looking at this not just as a hobby, consider making the important step before entering the industry – researching and learning. Now you can browse the internet to find acting classes, lessons and voice coaching in your area. And by learning and experiencing the execution needed to land those VO jobs, voice actors and enthusiasts are discovering a new and better approach to their performances and in return give more value to their talent.

That’s what VoiceWorx! – Basic Voice Acting and Dubbing Workshop prepares you for.
“It’s a workshop aimed to introduce to you the voice acting world, and how you can master the techniques and skills of the art. You will have to learn how to speak and work by heart.” Says Brian Ligsay, who is the Head Voice Coach and Voiceworx! Director. He claims that the workshop produces learned voice talents, equipping them with what they need to prepare for when the occasion arises.

“Being a voice-over is not far from taking a four-year engineering course in college… you just don’t become one overnight,” Ligsay adds. “And even after you finish your degree, you would still have to know how to apply what you’ve learned in “real” life. The good news is, with the knowledge you have, you’re far ahead than anyone in your age to land a job of your choice and keep it.”

“VoiceWorx! has been training enthusiasts and voice talents since 2005, and is continually producing new voices for clients.” Pocholo Gonzales, CEO and Managing Director of Creativoices Productions – which is widely known as a voice talent agency, and the same company that brought Voiceworx! to life. He also exclaims, “You work with the best Voice Directors in the industry, and train with them so that you don’t venture into it alone..”

This time, a new breed of Voice Overs are coming into place, VoiceWorx! 6, starts this October 4, 2008, and runs for two months every Saturday. Out of hundreds of interested parties, only 20 students were accepted. And they will learn how to appreciate voice acting, and study with acclaimed Dubbing Directors, Danny Mandia, Neil Tolentino, and Alexx Agcaoili.

This workshop offers new insights into the latest trend and development in the voice acting world. With tips and tricks from professionals who have honed their skills thru many years of experience. It also features a manual edition of the Philippine Handbook on Voice acting, to guide the privileged during the entire course. Plus one-on-one voice coaching, road mapping scripts and translations, actual recording and dubbing sessions, and countless mock auditions.

For the longest time, people who ventured into voiceovers are taking into account the traditional and natural selection process that goes around in the industry. Through customary referrals and PR, you get more of the gimmick in the advertising world. This tiring process of whom you know and who knows you are the lifeblood of your next performance. Traditional voice talents are only hopeful that their regular clients will always consider them for the next job. “They just wait and wait, without acting,” Gonzales says. Adding that talents should know how to create the demand.

But some are wiser to help themselves and not rely on this conventional form of getting a voice over “gigs”. Those who are serious, aim for the better and more beneficial way of staying in the business, that said, considering it as a business. And by investing time, effort, and money to learn the field of voice acting, and marketing your talent – it will produce you better results and open new doors of success.

“Voice acting is not everyone, but should you decide to pursue it.. it will release the kid in you, and turn your voice into something you have never imagined possible,” Ligsay mentioned. “And maybe, just maybe, you’ll turn out to be a mutant of a voice after all!”

- – - -

Voiceworx! – Basic Voice Acting and Dubbing Workshop is only offered 4 times a year. For more information on the next schedule, please call 729-7274/970-0971. You can also email or Visit our websites at, and our official blog at For pictures and forums visit


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