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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meeting the Master

There is nothing wrong with the life of dubbers. The life of dubbers is just peculiar. They start when everybody else is going home, get to their peak when others are already asleep, and end when others are waking up and starting their days.

Once again, this kind of life was experienced by the VoiceMaster for he is currently involved in a dubbing project for a new Koreanovela on ABS-CBN.

The VoiceMaster has been gone in the dubbing world for quite long. After various projects with ABS-CBN and Hero TV, he took a break and focused on his own company, CreatiVoices Productions. But, after a long time, he was invited once again by Neil “Papa” Tolentino, his good friend, to be one of the casts for his latest project.

Truly, this comeback was something really interesting. Yet, what was even more interesting was the fact that the majority of the other casts for the series are actually graduates of the VoiceMaster’s voice acting school. No doubt, it was more of a reunion.

In fact, the VoiceMaster himself was glad and honored for he knows that these people who were just dreaming to be parts of the industry once are now practitioners of the art form. The VoiceMaster himself is happy for he knows that he helped these people a lot.

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