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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Big and Still Growing Through VoiceWorx

Another batch of VoiceWorx attendees who survived the workshop had their graduation, November 26 at the Redbox Greenbelt 3.

This new set of individuals who accepted the challenge and managed to complete the eight sessions of voice acting and basic dubbing workshop will be an addition to the big and still growing family of CreatiVoices composed of talented people who aim to change the landscape the industry of voice acting through professionalizing it as an art form.

In fact, The VoiceMaster himself emphasized during his speech in the graduation that it is, indeed, a part of his vision to create a change in the field of voice acting through giving opportunities to the new artists. The VoiceMaster believes we need to hear new voices for we deserve more than the very same voices we’ve been hearing in different stations.

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