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Saturday, November 26, 2011

VoiceWorx Graduates are In-Demand!

It used to be just a dream and now, it is coming true–the industry, truly, is now being penetrated by new faces and thus, new voices.

At the end of every episode of each Tagalog dubbed Koreanovelas most especially in ABS-CBN rolls the credits including the names of the voices artists who dubbed the characters as well as the translators who make sure that we understand every line of the series. 

And yes, we are proud to say that most of those names who appear there are actually the names of some graduates of the VoiceWorx. One good example is “Helena’s Promise,”  the latest Koreanovela of ABS-CBN for which a number of VoiceWorx Alumni work. Certainly, it is proof that the products of the workshop are making it to the industry.

In fact, it is not just in the Koreanovelas that these alumni are exposed to. They are also in demand in all other things needing voices like radio and television commercials, radio stations, AVPs, and other productions.

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