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Monday, February 20, 2012

The SpeechWorx Journey Continues

Having known their fears when it comes to public speaking and having known things about them, it is perfect to continue their new journey.

After the introduction, orientation and first speech on the first day, students learned about making stories and building a connection when speaking. During this session, they had exercises that made them tell stories and learn about connecting to people which is not just important in public speaking but even in everyday life. Kyle Nofuente was the teacher of the day.

On the third day, on the other hand, they were taught about performance and presence in speech. This is more of how they would wow the audience and engage them through their presence whenever they speak. They learned from Mr. Al Ian Barcelona, a motivational speaker.

And after that, they were able to learn about organizing their speeches including speech writing. Cornelius Bascara was the instructor of the day.

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