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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pochology Academy Holds Teambuilding for Makati City Hall’s YSDD

Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales has taken his motivational speaking and training expertise to the next level with POCHOLOGY ACADEMY, his very own training organization that aims to inspire every ASEAN citizen towards greatness, excellence, and success. Composed of young, vibrant, energetic trainers and motivational speakers, Pochology Academy offers seminars, workshops, and teambuilding events, teaching life skills that will not only inspire and motivate but also empower people to reach their highest potential.

On November 27, 2015, Pochology Academy traveled to the beautiful La Virginia Resort in Batangas to facilitate a half-day capacity building seminar for Makati City Hall’s Youth and Sports Development Department. Together with his team, Pocholo taught the 100-staff department on building an effective team.

The seminar started with Pocholo’s motivational talk entitled “Purpose-Driven Work.” He started by sharing his experience as a professional, as an entrepreneur and as a leader, and how he has developed his skills with the belief that there is greatness inside of him that he can impart to everyone he works with. His talk focused on self-development and the essential elements that make a person successful. 

He shared the importance of setting goals, having the right attitude and being open to learning, in order to develop one’s self as a well-rounded individual, consequently making him a great contributor to a team. Pocholo also shared his experience on working with the youth, and how YSDD can build better programs that would help young people develop and use their skills and talents towards positive social change.

The teambuilding proper commenced after Pocholo’s talk. The facilitators – Ada Cuaresma, Andrew San Fernando, and Joan Banagan – led the group in activities that reinforced creativity, collaboration, and teamwork. The activities were followed by a reflection, where some volunteers shared their insights on the importance of communicating with their colleagues to come up with ideas, foster camaraderie and work together towards a shared vision.

The YSDD team left the seminar with a more positive vibe and excitement in carrying out their work in the department.

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