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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pochology Academy Teaches Personal Branding in San Pedro College of Business Administration

Over 300 Junior and Senior students of San Pedro College of Business Administration in San Pedro, Laguna gathered at the Elmer A. Ching Hall for an afternoon filled with fun and learning on the subject of personal branding. The event, “Soar High, JBEA!” was organized by SPCBA’s Junior Business Executives Association for Marketing and HR students with the theme “Establishing your Personal Brand.”

Three speakers were invited to share their knowledge and expertise on personal branding. After some opening remarks and a song number from one of the students, the seminar began with Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director, Ada Cuaresma. Ada shared her inspiring story on how she went from living a so-called normal life, to living her passion for training and motivational speaking. 

She also set an example of personal branding by talking about Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, and how he established his VoiceMaster brand not only because of his voice acting expertise, but because of the people he inspired and empowered with his voice, through training, radio broadcasting, and motivational speaking.

Up next is Sharp Rocket’s Co-founder and CEO, Venchito Tampon. As a young entrepreneur at the age of 22, Venchito has a lot of experience and learning when it comes to establishing a brand, for both himself and his company. Not only did he entertain the audience with his funny jokes and stories, but he also motivated them to find their passion and build their personal brand around it.

Both Ada and Venchito are member speakers of Pochology Academy – Pocholo’s team of trainers and motivational speakers that are dedicated to inspiring people towards greatness, excellence and success.

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