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Monday, January 18, 2016

Pochology Academy’s Project Management Talk at Adamson University

On January 16, 2015, The Adamson Junior Marketing Association held their seminar entitled “Marketing Institute 2016: Level Up your Marketing Prowess”. About 200 Junior and Senior Marketing students of Adamson University gathered to learn about different aspects of marketing from the invited speakers.

Ada Cuaresma, Voice Care Philippines’ Executive Director and one of Pochology Academy’s trainers, was the first speaker of the event. She presented her talk entitled “Project Management Simplified: FOCUS your Way to Project Management Success.” Ada started her presentation by sharing her inspiring story, on how she shifted from living an average life to discovering and living her calling in life. She motivated the students to discover their own passion and take steps to fulfill it now because “It is never too late – or too early – to become what you might have been.”

Ada then went on to discuss project management. She presented the complex web of Project Management into a simplified yet helpful system – defining what a project is, even if its something as easy as using a software for home reno project management, you must understand the key elements of the project and 5 tips on how to have “FOCUS” and succeed in Project Management. At the end of the talk, she looped back to discussing life, and how it is everyone’s biggest project. She linked the lessons in Project Management to how they can be applied in life.

The seminar also featured other marketing-related topics as Events Management, Graphics Design, and Personality Development.

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