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Saturday, April 7, 2018

The VoiceMaster Speaks at Asurion’s Leadership Summit 2018

Asurion-Techlog Center Philippines’ Annual Leadership Summit was held on April 6 at its main office in Carmelray Industrial Park in Calamba, Laguna. Over 200 employees of Asurion’s leadership team, including their top-level executives, attended the summit. Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited to speak at the summit about Asurion’s leadership principles “Put Customers First” and “Reaching for Full Potential.”
The VoiceMaster inspires Asurion leaders about passion at work
Pocholo’s presentation focused on what he calls passion-driven work. He spoke about the keys to employee motivation and what leaders can do to maximize the potential of their team. He began his presentation with a quick icebreaker, then proceeded to introduce himself and his career in voice acting.

Pocholo spoke a little bit about the voice acting industry, and how he discovered his path to becoming the “VoiceMaster of the Philippines.” He spoke about his humble beginnings as a young boy who dreamed of hearing his voice on the radio to greet his mother, until he went on to enter the then-monopolized and closed-door business of dubbing and voiceovers. 

Pocholo shared the challenges and obstacles he had to overcome, and how his journey has not only brought his company (Creativoices Productions) to the international voice acting scene but more importantly, how his journey introduced the Filipino voice acting talent to be recognized here and abroad.
Asurion managers ready to be inspired by the VoiceMaster
Pocholo’s story became his perfect transition to speaking about what it means to have passion for one’s work. According to Pocholo, passion is the fuel that drives a person to do better, to push far and accomplish more without expecting for a promotion, a bonus or a pay raise. He told the audience that money is a good motivator only for the short-term, but career growth and organizational success takes more than just materially rewarding people for a “job well done.”

Pocholo then spoke about the 3 keys to maximizing a person’s potential at work – autonomy, mastery and purpose. He presented these 3 keys as the important elements that drive an employee – regardless of job title, pay grade or department – to give their best in their work. Pocholo set himself as an example on how he has built his brand in his own field with these same keys, not only for the purpose of making money, but for empowering aspiring and existing Filipino voice artists.
The VoiceMaster speaks at Asurion’s Leadership Summit 2018
Pocholo ended his presentation by introducing the idea to “Put CULTURE first”. Pocholo believed that a leader’s primary role in an organization is to build a culture of passion-driven employees, and doing so will consequently enable them to serve customers in the best possible way.

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