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Monday, April 9, 2018

JCI Makati Hosts Youth Empowerment Summit in Silang, Cavite

On April 7, over 2,000 students of the Sisters of Mary Boystown School in Adlas, Silang, Cavite gathered in the gymnasium for the monthly Youth Empowerment Program sponsored by JCI Makati. The program features a series of inspirational talks to inspire, motivate and empower the young boys of the school to live a life of meaning, passion, and purpose.
JCI Makati’s Youth Empowerment Program
The speakers of the event are from JCI Makati’s Board of Directors, who have exemplified passion, dedication, and commitment not only in their respective businesses but also in their shared advocacy to become agents of positive social change:
– Elmar Nabisa, founder of Kids Learning Plus School and JCI Makati’s 2018 Secretary;
– Marvin Salazar, CEO of MS Web and JCI Makati’s Adviser for IT
– Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, CEO of Creativoices Productions and JCI Makati’s 2018 LO President
They were also joined by freelance storyteller and speaker Melody Remorca.
The VoiceMaster inspiring young boys to live a life of purpose
Each speaker took turns on stage to inspire, motivate and empower the young boys. They shared their personal stories of successes and failures, wins and losses, pains and joys, to send the message to the participants that they always have the power to choose how to win in the game of life.
JCI Makati Secretary Elmar Nabisa inspiring the students

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