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Monday, July 23, 2018

Creativoices Conducts Hosting and Voiceover Workshop for UST Non-Teaching Staff

The Human Resources Department of the University of Sto. Tomas organized a voice acting workshop for 20 non-teaching staff of the university. The workshop centered around the topic of hosting and voiceover, which the participants are often tapped for in their school events. The workshop was conducted by the team from Creativoices, headed by its CEO, Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.
The morning session was handled by Ada Cuaresma. Ada is the Communications Officer of Creativoices Productions and was a student of the VoiceMaster in his voice acting school. Ada started the workshop by introducing the concept of “vocal image,” and led the participants to an activity that allowed them to discover how they are being perceived through their voice. She also discussed the elements of voice that would enable the participants to have better vocal power and wider vocal variety.

After a quick break, Ada transitioned into the subject of hosting. Before giving tips and techniques on hosting, she first discussed the fear of public speaking and gave the participants tools on how to overcome it. She focused the discussion on the 2 S’s of effective hosting – Spontaneity, and Structure. She also led the participants through a lot of activities that enabled the participants to practice their hosting skills.

After lunch, the workshop was taken over by Jeffrey Gusayko – head of the VoiceMaster’s League – and also a former student of Pocholo’s. Jeff is one of Creativoices’ most sought-after male English voiceover talents. He shared his experience in voiceover and gave the audience a glimpse of the different uses of live and recorded VO. Jeff gave the audience some tips and tricks on VO script reading and delivery. At the end of his 2-hour talk, he gave the audience practice scripts that they read in front of the class, and then gave them constructive feedback on how to improve.

The last part of the workshop was an inspirational talk from none other than the VoiceMaster himself, Pocholo Gonzales. Pocholo amazed the audience with his voice acting prowess, but more importantly, he shared the story of how he has overcome the challenges he met in the industry. Pocholo talked about his voice acting school, and why he established it in the first place. He inspired the participants to appreciate their voice, and use it only to influence and create positive change.

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