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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The VoiceMaster Empowers Graduating Students of Assumption College of Davao in a Whole-Day Seminar

The Assumption College of Davao organized a seminar for its graduating students entitled “Bringing Out the Greatness in you.” Over 200 students taking up Business Administration, HRM, IT and Education have gathered in the auditorium for the whole-day event which focused on soft skills. The training was conducted by Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales.
The VoiceMaster speaks at the Assumption College of Davao
Pocholo opened the seminar with an hour-long motivational talk about greatness. He began by sharing his journey to being known as the VOICEMASTER – from his humble beginnings as a contestant in a radio drama contest, to being the founder of the first and only voice acting school in the Philippines. He talked about the challenges he encountered in the once-monopolized industry of voice acting, and how he has changed the landscape of the business by producing a new breed of passionate and dedicated voice artists. Pocholo amazed the audience with a repertoire of voice impressions from cartoons, celebrities, and politicians.
The VoiceMaster asks participants to create their bucket list
Pocholo also shared his life as a youth advocate and a highly sought-after Filipino motivational speaker. He also spoke of Dr. Jose Rizal whom he considers to be the epitome of the greatness of a Filipino. The discussion became his transition to sharing what he calls “8 to be Great,” or the 8 qualities that lead to greatness. Pocholo inspired and challenged the students to aspire for a meaningful life instead of just aiming to graduate, get a job and earn money.
The VoiceMaster conducts a whole-day soft skills seminar at Assumption College of Davao
After the motivational talk, Pocholo took a break and shared the stage with his good friends from Creativoices Mindanao – Halo-Halo FM Station Manager Dino Divino and DJ Mon Pillatura. DJ Dino and DJ Mon engaged the audience in a fun yet insightful motivational talk, by sharing their experiences on how they pursued their dreams.

After the motivational talks, Pocholo conducted an interactive and engaging Self-Discovery workshop for the students. At this point, the participants were given time to reflect, write and share their answers to Pocholo’s profound questions to help them rediscover their challenges, achievements, interests, and goals.
Self-discovery workshop
Pocholo ended the impactful day with his Pochology, “Availability is your best ability” and challenged the students to seize the opportunities that would make them great.

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