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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

13 Years of World-Class Filipino Voice Acting: Turning a Dream into a Reality

It all started with a dream. A dream to uphold voice acting as an ART, and not just a job or a gig. A dream to produce voice ARTISTS, and not just voice TALENTS. A dream to make the Philippines the center of VOICEOVER EXCELLENCE in Asia.

13 years ago, I decided to make this dream a reality. Thus, Creativoices Productions was born.

For 13 years, Creativoices Productions has been at the forefront of the Filipino voice acting industry, both here and abroad. We have produced hundreds of thousands of hours in voiceover for commercials, dubbed films, soap opera and animation, corporate videos, telephony messages, e-learning, video games, and audiobooks. Creativoices has provided voiceovers for major recording studios, production houses, and radio and TV networks in the Philippines.


It wasn’t long before Creativoices began taking on the international market. In 2008, we were chosen by the video game company SEGA to do voiceovers for several video games, including Harley Davidson King of the Road, Golden Gun, Operation Ghost, and Transformers: Human Alliance.

Then and now, Creativoices continues to serve the international market with clients such as Netflix, Microsoft, Itruemart, The Voiceover Gallery, and Graffitti Studios – the makers of Filipino Fairy Tales in YouTube, which have garnered more than 200 million views.

We are also recognized in international organizations such as the World Voiceover Organization and Voiceover International Creative Experience, where I was the only Filipino panelist in 2012 in Anaheim, California.
But we are more than just a recording studio, or a voiceover service provider. Creativoices is the home of the FIRST AND ONLY voice acting school in the country, the Philippine Center for Voice Acting. For over a decade, VOICEWORX – our flagship voice acting workshop – has produced more than 1,000 graduates, many of whom are now thriving in the world of dubbing, voiceover, hosting, broadcasting and public speaking.

Voiceworx continues to be the premier voice acting training program in the Philippines, despite other workshops that have emerged in the last few years. Each session is handled by no less than seasoned voice directors in the country: Neil Tolentino, Danny Mandia, Creativoices Marketing Director Brian Ligsay, and yours truly. Together, we share the passion of creating positive change in the industry.
Our hard work in transforming the voice acting industry has paid off, but we’re not done yet. In fact, the future looks bright for Filipino voice artists as Creativoices continues to transform the voice acting industry in the Philippines for the better. For one, there is my award-winning book “Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent,” hailed as the Best Book on Professions in the 36th National Book Awards, which has been inspiring thousands of aspiring voice artists since it was published. I am very honored to also have contributed a chapter about dubbing in the sixth edition of the book “The Art of Voice Acting”  (touted as the BIBLE FOR VOICEOVERS) written by my good friend and mentor James Alburger, which is scheduled to come out early next year.

Soon, Creativoices is also launching the first-ever online voiceover shop for Filipino voice talents.
Then and now, we remain true to our promise for the Filipino voice to be heard all over the world through our VISION “To be the leading provider of world-class Filipino voice artists and voiceover services” and MISSION “To provide opportunities that hone Filipino voice artists to become world-class talents, thereby producing excellent voiceover work.”
Thirteen years of talents discovered. Of dreams fulfilled. Of voices heard.

Dahil basta boses, CREATIVOICES.

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