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Monday, September 30, 2019

Pocholo Gonzales and Joey Garcia Motivated Young Dreamers at the 6th Business Leadership Summit

Junior Achievement (JA) Philippines presented the event “6th Business Leadership Summit” last September 28, 2019, Saturday at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. Joey Garcia, president of Titans Group, and Pocholo Gonzales, VP for PR and Marketing were among the successful entrepreneurs invited as speakers.

Unlike the usual arrangement of a speaking engagement wherein invited guests to have a certain amount of time on stage to deliver their message, this seminar has a different set-up. It held a panel interview arrangement for a more interactive discussion with the attendees who are college students from different universities.

This allows the students to know more and be open with their inquisitive thoughts. The panel interview even looked like a casual TV talk show where both the attendees and guest speakers are in a relaxed and cozy ambiance. The students participated well as they ask different questions and some of them even brought their notes to make sure they won’t forget what they want to know.

Garcia and Gonzales warmly appreciated the eagerness from these students. They both shared their expertise, experience, and insights on entrepreneurship, personal goals, and social responsibility. These Titans also anchored on explaining further the significance of a “purpose and passion-driven entrepreneurship” rather than just focusing only on earning a monetary reward.

This special kind of entrepreneurship is the separating factor from those who will succeed in the long run compared to those who only have superficial reasons at the onset of their business journey.

The students were motivated from the humble beginnings progressing to the numerous accolades and impact that Garcia and Gonzales have achieved on their individual success. Now that they are business partners, they aim to catapult more Pinoy entrepreneurs towards the fulfillment of their dreams.

JA Philippines extended their gratitude to the speakers including these Titans who have moved the students that they too, can establish their own purpose and passion-driven entrepreneurship.

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