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Friday, September 20, 2019

Showcasing Barangay Lakbay: Bringing Back the Golden Years of Philippine Puppeteering

Have you dropped by Lakbay Museo, the latest attraction in Metro Manila? This interactive, colorful,
and IG-worthy museum highlights Philippine culture, traditions, cuisine, and other identifying legacies of our nation. This newest interactive museum is also the home of Barangay Lakbay, a
puppeteering show for the delight of kids and young-at-heart visitors.
Brainchild of the VoiceMaster
Barangay Lakbay is the initiative of Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” De Leon Gonzales. As a pillar in the
voice-over industry and also as the Talent for the Defunct BATIBOT,  he envisions of reclaiming the glory days of puppeteering in museum platform.
Kids of past generation grew up loving puppet characters Kiko Matsing and Pong Pagong in their
favorite TV show, Batibot. It’s long overdue to bring back artistic and value-centered puppeteering
show for today’s generation.
Gonzales’ goal is to “bring values to children” that are bombarded with poor-quality shows that has
no Filipino values especially in the digital era now that everything is easily accessible through their
mobile phones.
A Solid Partnership
The owner of Lakbay Museo is Lawrence Li Tan, the Executive Vice President of JCI Makati which
happens to be a chapter organization where Gonzales was their 2018 President-Elect. He proposed
this puppeteering concept to Tan, thus he was provided with the platform in Lakbay Museo.
After two weeks of their first meeting, the VoiceMaster conceptualized and directed the show under
CreatiVoices Productions, his own company. He even wrote songs for Barangay Lakbay.
The Beautiful Result of a Dreamer’s Passion
Barangay Lakbay takes pride in showing more Pinoy talents including VO artists who perform with
different animal characters including eagle and dogs. The VoiceMaster himself lend his gift of
voice-over artistry to characters “Jeepnoy” and “Pao Kalabaw”. He is not stopping here as he
dreams of turning Barangay Lakbay into a TV show, and school caravans and plays.
Barangay Lakbay is in the Pahiyas Booth of Lakbay Museo. This wonderful museum is located at
Level 1 S Maison, Seaside Blvd, Coral Way, Pasay, Metro Manila. For more information,
visit their website at or Facebook page: @lakbaymuseoph

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