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Thursday, October 3, 2019

The VoiceMaster and His Titans Group Learned New Insights From Asian Brand Strategy: A New Paradigm By Speaker Martin Roll

Two distinctive heads of Titans Business Venture went to “Asian Brand Strategy: A New Paradigm” event with expert Martin Roll. This is included in Brand Masters Sessions 2019 series of PANA (Philippine Association of National Advertisers). The event was held last October 2, 2019 in Conrad Manila.

PANA is a distinguished association among advertisers in the country. They organize valuable events and award-giving bodies to always uphold the principles and quality work in the industry and other related fields. 

In this recent event, they invited Mr. Martin Roll deemed as the Asian branding guru with more than two decades of experience. He is also the consultant of Fortune 100 companies, CEOs, and family businesses across Asia. In addition, he is the author of the best-selling book “Asian Brand Strategy: How Asia Builds Iconic Brands”

Mr. Roll knows the potential of Asian businesses. Although at present, Asian-related companies have bigger share in manufacturing, he knows they can be in the frontline too. He believes in the future of the Philippines when it comes to creating and growing globally competitive brands. 

He reiterated that Singapore Airlines and Samsung, both Asian brands, has already done it. According to him, This isn’t impossible with Filipino brands especially because they have a communicative culture.

The event has a challenging motivation for C-level management attendees to step up their game in the different aspects of their business. Their goal should not be limited anymore to nationwide success but on global milestones. Mr. Roll provided a Q & A session too which Titan Joey Garcia did not miss the chance to ask his question.

Mr. Garcia shortly shared the growth and success of Titans Business Venture in 8 months along with the brands under it including Over Mango, Mr. Babba Shawarma, etc. He asked if he should go back to managing their family business (Rairaiken Restaurant Group). It’s a family corporation but he has little time to execute big strategies. 

He wants to ask advice if he needs to do more of his own brands or does he need to buy substantial shares in the family corporation to do his strategies.

Mr. Roll recognized Mr. Garcia is a second-generation business owner in their family. He shared some of his mentees also have this similar pain point. What he advised is for Garcia to do things he is passionate about. If he will go back to their family business, he should do it because he wants to do it. Mr. Roll also recommended that he doesn't need to choose as he may still continue growing his own brand while helping their family business. Passion should be at the core of every decision and action, as he reiterated.

Every attendee went home with renewed motivation and clearer goals for their business. After all, this is the best time to rise up and be a growing brand in the promising global market.

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