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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The VoiceMaster Shares Important Life Lessons in "Pinoy Master Class"

Pocholo Gonzales on Pinoy MasterClass

Pinoy Master Class, an online content featuring inspiring stories from successful individuals, featured the VoiceMaster, Pocholo Gonzales. Presented by prominent radio broadcaster Dennis Antenor Jr., this sit-down interview with the VoiceMaster showed the important lesson of “Turning Trials Into Triumph”. 

Growth Mindset Rather Than Settling For Less

The VoiceMaster shared anecdotes wherein some voice-over talents would ask him out for projects out of the necessity of providing for their family. He encourages them to find other jobs or start their own business instead of settling for less. This is why too he never treated people he’s working within his company CreatiVoices Productions as his employees, but they are their partners. 

He shared, “So kung anong gawin nila, meron silang percentage na makukuha, the more na masipag sila, the more na kikita sila. Kasi pangit yun konsepto ng empleyado lang eh. At the end of the day, walang sense of ownership sila. Pangit din konsepto ng talent because talent do work for money. But if you are an artist, you will do it for passion kasi kahit di ka bayaran, gagawin mo pa rin. Paano ka kikita? Marami way, ngayon kailangan lang magkaroon ka ng entrepreneurial mindset." It’s a hard pill to swallow for most people who are contented with just earning for the day. However, this is a challenge that everyone should embrace: working hard and working smart must go hand in hand to develop the entrepreneurial mindset.

The Joy and Greatness of Giving Back

The VoiceMaster always finds ways to give back and help more people succeed in their chosen path with everything he can provide: learning, training for skills, and opportunities to prove themselves. He said that in his industry, it’s an unfortunate sight to see people with crab mentality because they are scared of losing their job to more skillful newcomers. 

"Kasi kaya marami nagsisiraan, naghihilaan, at nagkakainan sa industriya dahil natatakot silang mawalan ng trabaho. Yan ang katotohan. Marami nga dyan tumanda na, hindi pa rin nagbigay sa iba. Alam mo at the end of the day, mamamatay naman tayo lahat eh. Aanhin mo ang galing at talino mo kung di mo naman yan na-share sa iba….Success should be shared. You cannot become great until you share your success and your greatness. That's what I'm doing at alam ng mga tao ko yan."

True to his words and goals, Pinoy Master Class has also interviewed two voice acting experts whom the VoiceMaster helped to forge their career. JV Villasan and Dannes Serrano, now with established respective careers, recall life lessons they learned from the VoiceMaster. They are both graduates from the VoiceWorx workshop spearheaded by the VoiceMaster.

Serrano is the VoiceBuilder who trains and teaches new aspiring voice acting talents. He is a professional speaker and host, and does live voice-over events. Even in the field of business, the VoiceMaster provided him the opportunity as he shared. He remembered that the VoiceMaster is keen on teaching that voice acting is an art and don’t treat it as merely a source of income. This artistry carved his career into multiple streams of income and he started to become an in-demand speaker, voice acting artist, and host. 

JV Villasan is a highly-skilled voice acting artist who is already giving back as well. He always believes that everyone can come from a place of help so he wants to pay it forward too. He trained in the voice acting artistry to be a mentor and guide more aspiring dreamers. It is a rewarding feeling for him to see them grow even if they started from scratch.

Accepting Pains and Frustrations With a Grateful Heart

Another life lesson that the VoiceMaster shared is accepting painful events with an open and grateful heart. He viewed the pains he experienced as a stepping stone rather than a detrimental obstacle in his path. In his words, “Kahit nasaktan ako, natutuwa naman ako kasi kung di ako nasaktan, hindi ako magccreate ng change. Kasi kung di ako nasaktan, katulad ko na lang sila kasi happy kaming lahat. Pasalamat ako't nasaktan ako. Pasalamat ako't siniraan ako. Pasalamat ako't maraming nanghila sa akin...dahil nakalimutan nila isa akong flag o bandila na kapag hinihila, patuloy na tumataas. At wala namang manghihila sayo kung nasa baba ka. At naniniwala akong isa akong buto at sila ang bumaon sa akin nang napakalalim.”

He emphasized, “Nakalimutan nilang ang buto ay kailangan talagang ibaon ng napakalalim sa lupa para maging puno, para tumubo. At kung gaano kalalim pagkakabaon nila sa akin, ganun din kalalim ang tibay ng pundasyon ko para maging mas mataas na puno sa kahit saan man itanim. Pasalamat tayo sa mga taong nang-aapi sa atin kasi sila yung magiging motivation natin: motive of action to become a better person. Not just better than them but better than yourself. But you have to understand we have to help other people better too especially mga anak natin kung hindi, parang wala tayong ginawa para maging better yung future."

The VoiceMaster’s success is his cumulative effort and inner strength over the years. It didn’t happen in a snap of a finger but with diligent consistency. These life lessons are definitely important and should be remembered by heart.







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