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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The VoiceMaster Introduces Voice Care And Voice Leadership To Sta. Ana Elementary School Teachers

Last October 22, 2019, the VoiceMaster, Pocholo Gonzales, delivered an insightful talk to teachers from Sta. Ana Elementary School. This was an In-Service Training (INSET) with the theme "LEAD TO TEACH EXCELLENCE: Professional Development Strategy For The Improvement of Teaching and Learning in Inclusive Education" under a DepEd program.

They didn’t just hear a motivating talk from the VoiceMaster, but also learned new effective strategies suitable for their profession. The VoiceMaster is a staunch supporter, advocate, and trailblazer of educating more individuals about Voice Care and Voice Leadership especially for those who need it the most in their career. Hence, these teachers from Sta. Ana Elementary School has learned tremendously in more than a couple of hours with him.

Voice Care focuses on the preventive approach of handling one’s voice rather than just being more aware of it when things become worst. No one should way to hear their hoarse voice before starting a healthy lifestyle of taking care of their voices.

As for Voice Leadership, this is very important too but it is often ignored. Anyone can already command authority and mark their identity through mastery of communication using their voice. Teachers with this authority while remaining warm and encouraging gets the attention of the students to acknowledge their authority.

A bonus treat for the Sta. Ana Elementary School teachers are the tips of the VoiceMaster in teaching the Gen-Z or the next generation of the students. It helps teachers to gain more traction in their authority despite the generation gap to these students.

Officials of Sta. Ana Elementary school handed the plaque of appreciation to the VoiceMaster for imparting their time to their teachers recognizaed by Ms. Judith S. Pada, MT II, Over-All Chairman for INSET 2019, Abigail D. Carinugan, MT I, Co-Chairman, INSET 2019, and Mr. Leo C. Cabaruan, Principal IV. 

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