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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The VoiceMaster Speaks Inspires Graduates of Furigay Colleges in Basilan

Hardam Furigay Colleges Foundation, Inc. (HFCFI) held its 9th Commencement Exercises on April 10 at the Datu Dizal Cultural Center in Lamitan, Basilan. Filipino motivational speaker and JCI Makati 2018 President Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales was invited as the guest of honor and commencement speaker for the special event. Pocholo was invited by HFCFI School President and JCI Philippines 2017 President Hegem Furigay.
The VoiceMaster inspires graduates of Furigay Colleges in Basilan
The graduation ceremony has never been so lively, thanks to the VoiceMaster’s fun, energetic and powerful talk. Pocholo displayed his wit and humor with his jokes and hugot lines, which sent the audience roaring with laughter. He also shared the story of his voice acting career and amazed everyone with his voice impressions of cartoon characters, celebrities, and other famous personalities.
The VoiceMaster livens up Furigay Colleges Commencement Exercises
The heart of Pocholo’s presentation is all about finding one’s purpose. For Pocholo no one is too young or too old to discover their life’s calling and actually respond to it. He shared how his journey to being the VoiceMaster of the Philippines was met with numerous challenges and obstacles that he had to overcome, but his commitment to his life purpose helped him push through. Pocholo empowered the students to find their life purpose by giving them 5 simple yet profound questions to help them discover what they are meant to do in this lifetime.
With Furigay Colleges founders and guests
Pocholo also shared his insights on success and challenged the students to go beyond dreams of being rich or famous. He reminded the graduates that the purpose of life is to give and not to get, and that means their life purpose is about serving their community and their country.

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