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Thursday, November 7, 2019

[1 of 4] From Zero to How God Made Him A Hero: The VoiceBuilder Recall His Troubled Past Life Leading To His Transformation

Can a stubborn teenager with no direction in life be a successful individual with his dreams fulfilled one day? It seems impossible to think about but this isn’t the case with the motivational speaker, English trainer, pastor, entrepreneur, and The VoiceBuilder Dannes Serrano. Find out how he turned his life around in this first of the four-part interview.

Dannes Serrano as a voice-over artist in a live event
A Dark Past With Anger And Resentment: Accepting Where He Came From

Before reaching his established career and fulfilling life now, he was the black sheep of the family, giving headaches to his parents, siblings, and even to his teachers. He shared, “Well, believe it or not, I’m a Black Sheep of the family a long time ago. I long for acceptance medyo intimidated, insecure. Sa pamilya namin medyo, not primarily to my dad or mom, pero sa family member namin I felt insecure, felt being bullied, or maybe because at that time, probably I’m thinking my brothers are better looking or maybe a lot of people think they are better looking just because may kaputian sila, etc. That was my past life…”

He continued, “Actually, I did not start being a black sheep. I become a black sheep because of a lot of ridicule sa akin, yung mga panglalait, pambubully. Even sa bahay, naranasan ko mapagkamalang maging katulong sa bahay, mapagkamalang iba sa iba. And I tried to look for that kind of acceptance sa labas kasi di ko naramdaman sa bahay, sa tinirhan namin that time. Noong highschool naman ako, halos isuka na ako ng mga teachers ko, buti nga pumasa ako eh. There was a point in my life that I was very depressed. Masaya sa mundo, sa outside world, sa barkada, etc. I cannot deny that but it was temporary...temporary joy and peace, superficial siya. Pagdating sa dulo, eventually I realized noong di ko na kaya, naramdaman ko na yun simula lang pala itong saya, sa dulo hina-hunting na ako, hinahanap na ako ng gulo sa buhay.” 

The Unchanging Love of His Parents: How He Found His Way Back To God

Despite being a trouble-maker, his parents still showered him with love and hope, “Although my parents, the good thing with my parents is they never stop making me feel...that was the initial, first time na naramdaman ko yung full acceptance na naparamdam nila sa akin kahit ganun ako, tanggap nila ako. My parents always accepted me, always believed in me. My parents never stop accepting me, believing me in what I can become. Kahit na marahil ay pasaway ako sa bahay, alam din nilang may kalokohan ako, they always tell me, ‘Alam mo anak, ang talino mo, ang galing mo.’ They never stop saying that. They always push me, push us na talagang maging malapit kay Lord.” 

Their words of affirmation and belief that he’ll do great things in the future manifested especially in times he expected them to react negatively, “Actually, yun pagiging black sheep ko, di pa alam ng parents ko. Nalaman na lang nila eventually. Pero noong nalaman nila, nagulat ako, hindi ako pinalo, hindi ako binugbog, hindi ako sinaktan...pinakita pa rin yun pagmamahal. Yun na naman, inulit na naman nila: ‘We told you before, you’re amazing, you’re great, you’re awesome, matalino ka, mabait ka, magaling kang magsalita.’ Kahit ang lagi kong sagot, ‘weh?’ But eventually, they kept on doing that saying, ‘God loves me’. Natutunan ko na ring mahalin ang Panginoon.”

Dannes Serrano with his family (parents and siblings) for a radio interview

He added, “So ang malaking factor pa doon ay amidst or maybe sa kalagitnaan ng mga pagsubok sa buhay, mga personal feelings ko of depression o mga taong ayaw sayo...I found love from God. Doon ko na-realize yun di ko mahanap na kapayapaan else where, nahanap ko yun kapayaan ko kay Lord. Again, it was because of the influence of my parents who never forced me to love God but they showed the love for God. Yun tipo kahit ayaw ko, kasi yun nagpapasaway na ako sa buhay ko. Of course, whenever they tell me, I don’t follow. I become disobedient. I lost the trust. Eventually, because of their love for God, na-realize ko na parang ‘oo nga noh, I can only find peace in God talaga’. Then, I surrender my life to the Lord, ‘Lord, ikaw na bahala.’ Di naman mabigat ginawa ko but I tried searching for Him, reading the Bible, praying, going to the church all the time, fellowshipping with the people. Then eventually, I felt that trust ulit...doon na nagsimula journey ko to be a real Christian in a way where I study the Word of God and I go to church. That was the start of my...yun gumaling ako magsalita (public speaking) kasi nagturo ako sa mga bata, habang na-gogrow ako, naging youth preacher na ako, learning more of that tapos ginagamit ko sa school, etc.” 

Turning Point Of Doing Things For The Better: A College Honor Student To Landing His First Job In The BPO Industry

Dannes thought what if his parents were right all along, that he only needed to take action and start somewhere, “Noong college ako, doon ko naisip ‘hmmm, paniwalaan ko kaya sabi nila matalino ako? Mag-aral lang ako?’ Kaya nagsimula akong gawin ang tama purposely. Noong ginawa ko yun, wow pambihira! Yun sa 2-year course ko at di muna ako pina-bachelor’s kasi tamad ako mag-aral, sayang pera. Pagdating ng graduation day, I received the highest award. Ako yun grumaduate na highest award, most outstanding student. Eventually after noon, nag-aral pa ako ulit pagdating sa college. Doon na nagsimula yun nakatapos ako ng bachelor’s ko.”

He saw his growth and maturity through the years, “It’s just that na-realize ko rin, fast forward sa buhay ko ngayon, na-realize kong meron talagang ganun. Meron talagang mga taong hindi tatanggap sayo, manlalait sayo, maninira sayo, magsalita ng di maganda sayo, babastusin ka...so syempre, noong bata pa ako, hindi ko naman ma-didisregard yun o di ko naman pwede blocked yun kasi di pa tayo matured enough to accept that. Ang naiisip kong way out is probably to become evil like them or to take revenge or maybe maghanap ng ibang pagtanggap na napunta sa bisyo, etc.” 

The learning never stops as for every setback and challenge. He recalled, After that, fast forward to present, I worked in a BPO industry. Actually, di ko rin talaga unang gusto doon kasi imagine mo, computer engineering tinapos ko tapos ang layo, nag-BPO ako. Nagkaroon ako ng first setback, first failure ko kasi I have really good grades, I know I’m so good, I’m so amazing, I’m a leader in our school, I received so much award. Tapos pagdating sa first application ko sa job, bumagsak ako so parang...paano nangyari yun? Then, I realized maybe noon na-interview ako sa PLDT, maybe I was acting too much. Marami din akong natutunan. But I need a job, so eventually nag-BPO company ako. 

Dannes Serrano back in the days in the BPO industry
For the VoiceBuilder, he learned how to embrace the pathway where God lead him even if it is not completely related to the degree program he took up in college. Little did he know it would be exactly how he can step-by-step be closer to his dream, Ang nakakatuwa doon, what I’ve realized when I set foot, I need to be appreciative of what I have. Yun ang bigay ni Lord sa akin, maging BPO agent so tanggapin ko eh doon ako ni-lead eh. But it did not stop me from reaching my dreams...what I really wanted ever since was to be a global speaker and an international speaker where I always write down and draw stuff. I really believe in the power of believing. When you say believing, the deeper sense to that is faith because faith is the substance of things we hope for and the evidence of things not seen. You don’t see it but you believe it, so the future I don’t see it but I believe it. Lagi akong nag-iimagine, nag-ddrawing pa ako, iniimagine ko nasa harapan ako ng stage raising my hand and everybody’s clapping their hands. Lagi ko iniisip yun and I want to become like that.”

Anyone can change from their dark past towards a better and more positive life. In the next part of the interview, Dannes Serrano shares more of his growth and journey in his first job in the BPO world.

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