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Thursday, November 7, 2019

[2 of 4] Excellence, Commitment, And Gratitude In Every Entrusted Task: The VoiceBuilder’s Realization Behind Developing His Character

When work or opportunity is given to you, do it with excellence all the time even if no one is watching—this is one of the guiding principles of the VoiceBuilder, Dannes Serrano. His BPO career becomes the refinement of his core competencies in communication without him even noticing it.

Dannes Serrano has his passion too for music and singing
Claiming Future Blessings By Believing In The Present: How Faith Works

He remembered his early days as a call center agent and how by believing with faith, did his wishes and dreams manifested in reality, “At work, of course as an agent, yan yung ‘Thank you for calling…’ talagang calls lang yun. Doon ako nag-umpisa, ito yun binigay sa akin ni Lord at magiging best agent ako. Noong naging best agent ako, eventually there was an opening for a position, maging QA. Ang nakakatawa pa nito, sa sobrang paniniwala ko sa power of faith at believing kasi sa Bible it says there, Proverbs 24:6: ‘Whatsoever a man think it in his heart, so is he.’ Pag inisip mo, mangyayari yun. In Matthew, it also says that if you ask for something, believe that you receive them so you will have them. Yun resume ko nakasulat mismo doon: Dannes is already QA. Guess what, alam mo after the moment ginawa ko yun resume na yun...after three weeks, na-promote ako. Alam mo nakakatuwa doon, I’m so happy but the happiest and funniest part is I haven’t even printed the resume. I never have the chance to print the resume. It was about the attraction, prior pa yan sa librong Law of Attraction. Eh wala pa yun. But I already believed that because I learned that from the Bible.” 

The teachings of the Scripture made him grounded in his every day actions and choices, hence excellence and integrity are ingrained in his character. He shared, “Good thing I was already a preacher, that time I was also becoming a very faithful Christian in our church. That’s where I got the motivation. Lahat halos ng naging promotion ko after that, so naging QA ako, tapos after that naging SME supervisor ako, and then after that naging language coach. Can you imagine nagtuturo ako ng English? I was given the responsibility to teach language and communication to people kahit alam ko I’m not really perfect in English. I’m not really extremely good. I got grammar issues, etc...but because doon sa work namin, it’s EOP (English-Only Policy), ako lang nag-iisang sumusunod sa policy. Yun iba Tagalog nang Tagalog. Ako, EOP talaga. I always do it and I follow the rules and regulations of the company so isa yun sa natutunan ko rin: following rules and regulations.” 

“It’s very important sa isang kumpanya, maraming ganyan eh, EOP ginawang English or Pilipino. Eh English-Only Policy. I realize kung ako yun leader, sasama loob ko na naglagay ako ng policy tapos di sinusunod. I was a worker, I was an employee of that company. I need to respect the company with their policies. That’s what I did and because of that, yun Amerikanong dating languge coach doon...kailangan na niya bumalik ng States. He was looking for a replacement so sabi niya parang ‘Ikaw lang EOP ambassador dito. Ikaw lang laging sumusunod. Because of that, you know what Dannes when I go back, you’ll be the next language coach. I want you to become the language coach. Nag-training ako sa kanya. Actually, ang saya kasi bawat araw ginawa ng Diyos, mali ako (laughs) but I learned, that’s how I learned. Doon ko natutunan yun gravitational pull na parang meron pa palang mas malalim sa alam ko na in English. It’s good improvement and that is also where I realized every part of my promotion, take note walang koneksyon sa computer engineering yun.”, he added.

The Power Of Yes Despite Odds And Limitations: Fast-Tracking Success

Dannes knows his limitations and how he isn’t yet experienced for most of the tasks entrusted to them. However, he didn’t want to let the opportunities to pass by and he was willing to rise up to the challenges. 

This is where he mentioned the power of yes in accelerating his success. “Pero di rin ako nagBachelor’s of Science in English, di rin ako nag-Mass Communication but I said yes. The power of saying yes for an opportunity. Kasi pag sinabi sa aking, ‘Uy Dannes, maging language coach ka.’ Agad yes! Pagdating ko sa bahay, kamot ulo ba’t nga ba ako nag-yes? (laughs) Pero eventually I believe what Richard Branson said, ‘When opportunity kicks in, say yes and then learn afterwards.’ Rather than ‘Ah, di ko kasi alam yun eh. Alamin ko muna.’ Hindi. Kaya ginawa ko, I said yes. You know what, most of those, after ko maging language coach, I get really good in teaching language. Nakita ako ng director na parang ‘Uy, ang galing mo mag-training ng language ah, why not train product as well?’ So I became a product trainer, to make the long story short, I become the master trainer, the best trainer out of all of them. I become the delivery analyst creating course for the company. Eventually, the last biggest thing came in when they said, ‘Hey Dannes, you did so amazing here. We want you to go to America and train the trainors there.’ Sa Costa Rica. Guess what, anong sinabi ko? Yes! Pag-uwi ko sa bahay talagang kamot ulo kasi my wife was pregnant with our first baby at that time. So it’s difficult to say yes, I cannot leave my family. But I already said yes and my wife agreed upon it, my parents were like scared. I was scared too because di nga ako makapag-Boracay tapos mag-sosolo travel ako papuntang Amerika? I traveled for almost an entire day and a half because it’s a connecting flight. Being in a foreign country was really scary for me. Every bit of the way na dinaanan ko, takot na takot ako. Laging kong hawak bag ko. Siguro I watched too much National Geographic or Discovery Channel...may laptop ako abroad, baka maiwan ako doon. Pero you know what, making the long story short, nakarating ako sa Amerika.

Dannes Serrano speaking to a huge crowd of Centro Escolar University students
He realized God had fulfilled again one of his dreams which is to reach the United States. It happened through the job that he was still hesitant at first to pursue because it was not associated with his degree program of computer engineering. 

The VoiceBuilder reminisced with a wide smile painted on his face, “It was a dream come true. I remembered long time ago, I was just drawing it na maging international trainer ako, speaker ako, etc. Eventually now, it’s coming at hand at 2014 noong nakapunta ako sa Amerika. It was just a joke I tell my dad back home. Even those moments it was just a joke but it’s a belief that it will happen so because I keep on sharing about it, talking about it, believing about it...it happened. I was there. It was amazing. I had opportunity to train there. Actually noong dumating ako doon, napagkamalang ako yun mag-ttraining kasama nila o tuturuan nila ako. Then, noong nakita ng direktor, ‘Oh you met Dannes. By the way, this guy right here would be the one to train all of you here.’ I train them for couple of months. Before I came back, the training director said, ‘Hey Dannes, you know what, here’s the thing, you did so amazing here. They love you here. Everybody love you here’ Kinabahan nga ako eh kasi baka sabihin you need to stay here for a while kasi ang galing ko daw. (laughs) Ang asawa ko saka yun baby namin, iniisip ko. Good thing di yun ang sinabi nila. Ang pagkasabi nila, ‘Dannes when you come back to the Philippines, you’ll be the training manager.’ That’s the highest possible position. Wala ng ibang position na after that, the next is the site director which is I don’t like it anyway. I just like the fact that I’m a training manager.”

Dannes is more than thankful for the opportunities he attained in the BPO company he had been with for years. But he knew deep in his heart, he wants to do more and start pursuing his passion. In the next part of the interview, learn how the VoiceMaster became instrumental in helping him live out his dreams and passion.

Dannes Serrano with the International Taekwondo Masters Foundation officers

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