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Thursday, November 7, 2019

[3 of 4] How The VoiceMaster Became The Game-Changer In The VoiceBuilder’s Career And Personal Goals

A person’s journey doesn't end after achieving one goal. There will always be a longing to pursue the next vision after outgrowing the current one. This is what happened to the Dannes Serrano so he started searching for ways to pursue his passion.

Dannes Serrano with VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales and JCI Makati member Nic Satur Jr.

Looking For The Missing Pieces Leading To The VoiceMaster’s Training Sessions

The VoiceBuilder had already achieved the highest possible position he can ask for in the BPO company. But, he felt it in his heart it was about time to let go and start another journey to seek the fulfillment of his passion in the artistry of voice acting, “Yun call center agent, di ko gusto yun but the Lord led me to my dream. Can you imagine, I become a training manager. I train trainers. I teach them how to speak, to teach, to go in front of the people, teach them how to handle people. For couple of years I was a training manager, naging strong yun leadership ko. But still, there is something missing because it’s my passion. Hindi ko naman lahat matututunan sa kumpanya because it is not a voice training, speaking training in the company. I learned it because it’s part of the process, it’s in the company itself. I’ve learned a lot of things, I cannot deny that from the company. 

This longing for his dreams led him to search for learnings and trainings in the art of voice acting. He found out more about the expert veteran Pocholo De Leon Gonzales a.k.a the VoiceMaster. He shared, “But there are some missing pieces that...it was my dream a long time ago, because noong bata pa ako, I was trying to mimic people. Nakita ko yun commercial, ginagaya ko palagi yun pero ang tingin sa akin, sirang plaka ako ganun. I want to improve more. I always look for opportunities, for seminar, for workshops and training. When I was looking for it, I was mesmerized by the...sinesearch ko voice acting or dubbing...yun mga passion ko, yun gusto kong gawin. Talagang lumabas yun mukha ni Sir Pocholo eh. Siya talaga eh. Then I start looking for history. I became a fan automatically of how he does it live, how he always doing it. Tapos na-realize ko, pambihira siya rin pala.” 
The VoiceMaster's League in a TV guesting
He even remembered his first encounter with the VoiceMaster. He only visited his office to inquire but eventually ended up enrolling immediately as he was convinced this is the right time, “Prior to that, nabili ko na libro niya eh. Siya rin pala na noong nabasa ko yun libro lalo na ganun din siya, tingin niya parang sirang plaka siya noong una. Hindi pala ako nag-iisa, parehas pala kaming siraulo ganun. Akala ko may sapak ako sa utak (laughs). Yun pala, it’s my passion to do it. Sabi ko gusto ko ‘to. It’s been my long-life dream kasi parang lahat ng aspeto...And I wanna try something new as well, the dubbing, the voice acting. I wanna do it although I can do it because I mimic voices ever since, lagi kong jino-joke yan eh. Yun kay Doraemon. Ginagaya ko boses pero wala akong avenue to place it in. Ginagamit ko lang siya pang-joke pero di ko napagkakakitaan o parang past time lang siya. Eventually I enrolled, I went here. Alam mo yun faith ko talaga, meron na akong dalang pera eh. Nag-iinquire pa lang sana ako. I just wanna ask. Pagdating ko, andyan na si Sir Pocholo. Pagpasok ko parang ang bastos ko pa na, ‘Pocholo?!’ kasi naisip ko yun nire-research ko. Eh kasama ko pa anak ko noon. Sabi ko, ‘Sir pa-picture ako. Wow the VoiceMaster.’ parang ganun, fan mode talaga. For the record nga, nauna pa magpapicture si Jaden (his child) kay Sir Pocholo kaya nagselos ako. Yun anak ko ang nauna pang magpapicture sa booth. Then I had the opportunity to have a picture with him. Then noong nakita ko nga siya, nagbayad na ako agad. Mag-iinquire pa lang sana ako pero sabi ko, ‘Yes I will go’.” 

Dannes Serrano as a trainer for the succeeding VoiceWorx batch
He enrolled as a student for VoiceWorx and the rest led him to see doors of opportunities opening one after the other. He recalled, “That’s how I became a VoiceWorx graduate. Then, after that, maraming opportunities...yun mga missing puzzle, mga missing pieces doon na nabuo na uy, okay pala ‘to using my this, that, etc. na pwede kong gamitin boses ko sa ganito ganyan. Even at work nagagamit ko rin ‘to at marami rin akong bagay na alam na na-share ko rin sa team. Doon nagsimulang na-brought up yun VoiceMaster’s League, the idea. Doon sa batch namin na halos nag-umpisa yun, 42 and 43 na nag-boom yun idea na parang we can do more by using our voice. Ang nangyari, nagkaroon kami ng advanced workshop sa mga graduates. Sa advanced workshop na yun, namili pa doon. Kami yun mga napagpilian at naging VoiceMaster’s League.”

Harmonizing Passion And Profession

Dannes didn’t need to search again for another direction in his life goals and careers. Soon enough, he begins to harvest the fruits of his hardwork after finding out how to have a stable profession from the core of his passion, “Maraming opportunities, radio broadcasting opportunities, dubbing, voice-overs, scriptwriting. Yun mga bagay na, again some of those things might be outside of my comfort zone but because of what I’ve learned from the past, just say yes to it and just take the opportunity. Aba pambihira! Ang dami kong natutunan. Guess what, because of Sir Pocholo as well and because of Titans, I had the opportunity of my first ever business, my first franchise.”

Certification of an intensive training program in public speaking

He enumerated more opportunities he got with the support and motivation from the VoiceMaster, “My goal is to become an international speaker. Because of that, nakilala ko si sir Pocholo. Inintroduce sa akin yun Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS), yun JCI. Sa JCI ko nakilala si Sir Joey na nag-introduce sa akin ng Titans na nag-uumpisa pa lang at that time. Then naging franchisee ako. I became a business owner. I became a member of an association for speakers. I have other speaking engagements because of Sir Pocholo and because of the association (PAPS) as well. Lumawak yun alam ko sa professional speaking. Tumaas yun bayad ko lalo because of the profile. My profile includes I’m part of the VoiceMaster’s League, CreatiVoices Productions. I’m a member of this...I’m a Vice President and Training Director of CreatiVoices for VoiceMaster’s League. Yun mga ganun. Yun profile, nagkaroon ng dagdag so because of that when I go to places to I speak, I earn much, I earn better.”

Dannes Serrano in a speaking engagement to Jesus is Lord Colleges Foundation students with Ian Barcelona

Dannes’ abundant blessings made him more humble and grateful. He looked back as to how the VoiceMaster’s company, CreatiVoices Productions become instrumental in his career, “Remember, dito sa sine-share ko, never kong binato yun parang magkano kinita ko noong nagsisimula ako sa CreatiVoices. Kasi I need to honestly tell everyone na, marahil hindi malaki o baka wala. But it’s not that (earning), it’s the learning you get and the acceptance of those learning. Because I focus on the art and I never depart, I grew and men I’m telling you at the latter part of my life, yun kita saka na lang lumabas. FYI, I was already in CreatiVoices Productions when I first bought my car. Malaking parte ng CreatiVoices Productions at lahat ng mga naging dulot sa akin noon to reach my dreams. Now, the only thing left is buying my own house. Soon maybe it will happen, unti-unti lang. But I’m just so glad because now, by the way, I quit my call center job because I think yun bagay na kulang sa buhay ko. Nakamtan ko na when I become a part of CreatiVoices Productions and learning more from other people, from the VoiceMaster, from a lot of people around him and everybody else.” 

With all these rich experiences and insights from the VoiceBuilder, it’s not surprising that he continues to grow more and share his blessings to everyone who wants to learn. Watch out for the last part of the interview and know his life lessons behind these tremendous successes.

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