[6 of 8] Danny "Ama" Mandia, Father Of Modern Filipino Dubbing, Challenged VoiceWorx Batch 50 And Conducted Hands-On Lessons And Shares Wisdom From His Extensive Experience - The Best Filipino Motivational and Inspirational Speaker | The VoiceMaster of The Philippines

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

[6 of 8] Danny "Ama" Mandia, Father Of Modern Filipino Dubbing, Challenged VoiceWorx Batch 50 And Conducted Hands-On Lessons And Shares Wisdom From His Extensive Experience

The VoiceWorx Batch 50 were in it for another great session time and this time, with the veteran dubbing director in the industry, Danny "Ama" Mandia. Known as the 'Father of Filipino Dubbing", he guided and mentored the students last Saturday, November 16, 2019.

Danny Mandia discussing the importance of characterization

His diverse experience in both the theater and dubbing world catapulted him towards the decades of expertise while training thousands of dreamers and beginners. He was a professor in Miriam College, Trinity College, and De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. Some of his notable works as a prominent dubbing director include Magic Knight Rayearth, Peter Pan, Voltes V, Digimon, Heidi, Zenki, Bananas in Pajamas, Meteor Garden, and Love Scar.

He started the session by sharing a quick background of his passion in theater and why he missed the previous batches of VoiceWorx due to his bypass operations. He shared he had worked with the likes of Tony Mabesa, Joel Lamangan, Rolando Tinio, and other respected directors, actors, playwrights in the world of theater that's why he is excited to teach it as well to the next generation of learners. Expressing his gratitude to the Almighty, he is happy to successfully overcome his operation and slowly regain back his voice. 

Danny Mandia explaining "units of ideas" and how dubbers should quickly shift in a snap of a finger

As Mr. Mandia let VoiceWorx Batch 50 introduced themselves, he already pointed out who are properly using voice projection while speaking and how they can do it efficiently. He guided them to properly projecting their voice and true enough, their speaking voice sounded clearer.

He proceeded to do a lecture on different topics touching both the aspects of dubbing and voice acting. He explained the three main sources of the voices: lower, middle, and upper register, and how the students can produce different character voices from its combination. 

The characterization is important as well to sustain and make it believable in delivering each dubbed line. Factors such as the characters' language, body movement, how they dress are some of the elements are needed to do an in-depth character study. He added the difference of dubbing for animation and films/series with human actors: In animation, the dubbers can play around and exaggerate their delivery while the human actors, they need to stay as realistic as possible.

Danny Mandia challenging a VoiceWorx Batch 50 student to bring out more her laughter in the exercise

In addition, he discussed the "units of ideas" where there are shifts no matter how long or short any given script or storyline. It is essential to pay attention to these shifts so as dubbers and voice actors, the students will be able to show the rawness of emotions in the lines.

Mr. Mandia reminded them to read Filipino scripts aloud with the right accent for its pronunciation. Practicing efficiently too helps in distinguishing the character voices from their own speaking voices.

VoiceWorx Batch 50 actively participated in the different exercises such as (a) laughing out loud, (b) crying sincerely, and (c) doing a short skit with three distinguishable character voices. The exercises served as hands-on lessons as the veteran mentor gave compliments, critics, and specific recommendations on how each student can further improve their delivery.

Blair Arellano sharing his insights and experience from the dubbing industry

He was also joined by one of his long-time mentees that he treats like his real son, Mr. Blair Arellano which was the voice behind the protagonist of Naruto in four seasons. He had shared his experience and lessons too on how to succeed and stay long in the industry. Looking back and being grateful to where you started should always be in a dubber's character, as he emphasized.

Mr. Danny "Ama" Mandia ended the session by congratulating the students of VoiceWorx Batch 50 and encouraged them to try out for dubbing auditions once they see any opportunity. 

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